One day Sri Rupa Gosvami was sitting on the banks of the Jamuna, lamenting that they hadn’t been able to properly carry out Sri Caitanya’s instructions.

It was known to them that Sri Krishna’s grandson Vajranabha had installed a number of Deities in Braja, among them Hari Deva, Madana Mohana Deva, Gopinath Deva and Sri Govinda Deva.

Sri Rupa Gosvami had tried to locate these Deities, but to no avail.

As he was sitting and thinking in this way a very beautiful cowherd boy came along and asked him, “He Swamin! Why do you look so sad?”

Hearing the boy’s cheerful voice, Sri Rupa’s melancholy reverie was broken and his heart felt engladdened.

He replied that he was feeling sad because he hadn’t been able to follow Mahaprabhu’s instructions properly. The cowherd boy told him, “Swamin! Please come with Me. I know where what you are looking for is.”

Then the boy brought him to Gomatila and explained, “Everyday a cow comes on top of this hill and pours down her milk here. There is a good chance you will find what you are looking for inside. Now I have to go.”

Sri Rupa turned to see the cowherd boy off, but found no one present. He began to reflect, “Who was that cowherd boy and where did he run off so suddenly?”

His body thrilled with ecstatic symptoms as he intently gazed at the Mahayoga Pith (Gomatila), and then went back to his kutir.

The next morning he again came to Gomatila and quietly waited.

After a little while an exquisitely beautiful Surabhi cow came there and poured milk down on top of the hill which immediately disappeared inside the earth. Then she sauntered on into the woods.

Now Shri Rupa was positive that Sri Govinda Deva must be within the earth here. He came very quickly to the village of cowherds nearby and excitedly told them everything that had happened.

The cowherd men hurriedly gathered up some spades and hatchets and came running to Gomatila.

Digging where Sri Rupa indicated they saw, after removing a small amount of earth, the all enchanting form of Sri Govinda Deva.

They all erupted in shouts of ecstasy, “Hari! Hari! Sri Govinda Deva has again manifested Himself.”

Sri Rupa with tears flowing from his eyes fell down at the lotus feet of Shri Govinda deva to offer his obeisances, all the while reciting prayers and hymns.

Sri Govinda Deva is now worshiped in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which is easily reached by bus from Vrindavana.

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Author: RAJAN

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