Whenever I see the pictures of devotees distributing Prabhupada’s books, my heart becomes wet.


Because thousands of innocent devotees wanders here and there all over the world and sell the books related to Krishna.

They forget their hunger, thirst, etc. They plan to sell a certain number of books. They go.

They have rejected going behind beautiful girls / boys and comforts.  They go all over carrying the messages about Krishna.


Why do they do so?

Because, they believe Krishna.  They want to serve Lord.  They want to serve by spreading His messages to those who are interested.

Krishna takies the devotees back who sacrifice his ownb preferences for serving the Lord.

We should sacrifice our comforts to serve Krishna.

Like these devotees who distribute books on roads under the sun.

They might have chosen to work in a company and earn thousands of dollars and spend lavishly and enjoy life.

But, they have rejected such a materialistic life style and are serving Krishna by meeting the people and distributing books.

They believe that the organization they belong to is very sincere and hence they serve sincerely and blindly.

So, the spiritual organisations and preachers like me have serious responsibility to fulfil the GENUINE LOVE AND DEDICATION of these innocent devotees on Krishna and the sathsangha.  So, the organisation can not deal with such dedicated devotees casually.  It should encourage such devotees and ensure that their whole life is protected because they have given up all their earnings and come to this sathsangha and serve Lord from there.

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We can not see even 1% doubt in the face of this sincere devotee.  He is travelling with the books on Krishna without bothering about tomorrow, trusting that his organization wil take care of him till the end if he serves lord sincerely.

So, those running temples and engaging full time devotees in the service of Krishna, have serious responsibilities to protect these innocent devotees.

If the devotees become frustrated, that means, we have not done our part well.  So, we have to ensure that these devotees are taken care well by the temples and organisations.

My heart says that, Krishna should take back such innocent devotees to His kingdom without fail, even after this birth.

Because, in this cruel kaliyuga, and in this western society, this devotee is travelling in a bicycle distributing the books on Krishna.  He believes our concepts.  So, we have double responsibilities to ensure that these devotees are encouraged throughout their life.

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If we do not do that, there is no meaning in running sky high temples.

Any spiritual organisation should plan well for the welfare of the devotees before engaging innocent devotees in the services, because, these devotees believe us innocently and come for the service.

Please please please, never make them disappointed unless they do any serious disciplinary offences.  If these sincere devotees are happy in our Sathsangha, Krishna will automatically be happy.

I wish these dedicated devotees go back to the Godhead and serve Him eternally.

Though Krishna does not take me back,. Let Him definitely take back these dedicated devotees who are doing innocent services to Him.

My honours and pranams to all such innocent and dedicated devotees who are selflessly serving the Lord.

A devotee should feel very very insignificant whenever I see such innocent devotees.

Innocence is liked by Krishna much.  He will not let such devotees down.

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I am zero in front of such dedicated devotees who blindly believe us and help the preaching grow.

It is not an ordinary service.

It needs more patience and dedication.

Those who are involved in book distribution are the actual devotees who take pains.

We are insignificant. Truly.

Let us learn humbleness from such devotees.

Will Krishna forgive us if we accuse such great vaishnavas who take pains to serve Guru and Krishna?

That is why, we should avoid insulting the devotees and respect the works of even the young devotees.

Book distribution is the topmost service as Krishna says that he who spreads His messages is the dearest devotee to him.

We do the same electronically. That’s all.


Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, has decades of association with the devotees of Krishna. He is promoting many sites and he promotes this blog-website as an E-SATHSANGHA (E-FORUM) to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems faced by the devotees! In this site, he writes the friendly and practical tips for the practice of devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He has been counselling through social media and websites since the year 2011. His services are guiding more than 1,20,000 serious followers and lakhs of visiting readers! RAJAN accepts no credits for his services but dedicates all the credits to Krishna.

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