Alternative foods for Onion and Garlic to maintain the health of heart!

Alternative foods for Onion and Garlic to maintain the health of heart!

A Girl devotee asked like this:

“Prabhuji, can u recommend me d exceptional food for onions n garlic??..which give all benefits same as when we consume this tamsik food onion n grlic… decrease cholesterol level n other cardiac diseases cured by consuming garlics???”


We need to think of alternative foods for Onion and Garlic in taste, flavour and benefits.


Instead of Onion, use egg plant in small pieces.  This gives similar flavour.

Instead of Garlic, use asafoetida more.  This is good for excellent flavour and taste.  This will also relieve gas from body as done by garlic.

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The compound ALLICIN in garlic gives protection from accumulation of cholesterol inside the veins.  So, it helps in avoiding or delaying a heart attack.  And, Garlic has a property of stopping frequent colds and coughs.  If anyone uses garlic daily, he will have cold attack once in 2-4 years only.  This is the proven fact.

Garlic also relieves gas from body.  It strengthens body’s immune system.  So, Garlic, in general is a good natural medicine.

However, Garlic has a side effect.  It increases sense disturbances.  Since it fastens the blood flow, the sense disturbances will be more.  Since this disturbance always remain in our body, we may need sense gratification frequently compared to non users of garlic.

This constant disturbance will not allow us to think of Krishna.   So, it is advised to avoid garlic and onion. Almost all the sampradhayas recommend so for those who like to lead a devotional way of life or brahmana life.

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Will a person become impotent if he stops onion and garlic?

No.  He will have a normal and sufficient feeling and capabilities related to progeny.  Moreover, he will be able to control his feelings for more period than the users of onion and garlic.

As far as the prevention of accumulation of cholesterol in veins is concerned, you can use the vegetables and fruits that contains Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C and more fibers.

If you use the foods having more Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C and fibres, you can prevent or delay heart attacks.

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Which are the vegetables that have Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C and more fibers?

Let me list a few:

(1) Amla, Lemon and Orange have abundant Vitamin C. Regular use of only one amla or orange or lemon a day will help the circulation and immune systems to remain normal. It gives immunity against the diseases.  It makes our body brisk always because of good digestion and good absorption of iron into the body with the help of Vitamin C and B Complex.

All green vegetables and green leafy vegetables have Vitamin B Complex.  Consuming more fruits will also supply more B-Complex vitamins.  So, reduce grains and increase green vegetables and fruits.

(2) The richest vegetable in fiber is MINT leaves. So, use more mint leaves that will help to avoid accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels.

Thus, by using the above alternative foods for Onion Garlic, you can get the same medical benefits and almost similar aroma given by onion and garlic.

Hope this helps all of you with the alternative foods for Onion Garlic.


Author: RAJAN

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