Secret behind Divya Chakshus (Divine Vision) given by Krishna to Arjuna!

Secret behind Divya Chakshus (Divine Vision) given by Krishna to Arjuna!

A male devotee asked like this:

“Dear Prabhuji,   Hare Krishna,   PAMHO, AGTSP.    I understand from Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Charitamrita and other vaishnava scriptures that Sri Krishna is the utmost limit of transcendence. His form as Shyamsunder is superior to all other forms and incarnations.

In Bhagavad Gita chapter 11 it is given that Lord gave Arjuna Divya Chakshus in order for him to see His Vishva Rupa. I want to understand that when Arjuna sees, takes lunch, jokes with Lord Dwarkadheesh every day and manages with his own Chakshus why he needed special divya chakshus to see Lord’s vishva rupa.”


Bhagavad Gita’s this chapter in which the Divya Chakshus (Divine Vision) was given by Krishna to Arjuna to view His Visvaruph Darshan, may seem to be just a thrilling incident for story lovers.  But, many confidential aspects are involved in this chapter.

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There is an interesting and deep meaning to be noted in this Visvaruph darshan.  Everyone of us are thinking that Krishna changed His  rooph temporarily and gave Arjuna a new divine eye.  Not so.   But, Krishna stood as He is!  Only Arjuna could see the whole darshan of Krishna!  How?

Because, Arjuna asked Bhagawan:  “Krishna, I know that all the worlds and everything in them are nothing except you.  You only are expanded everywhere.  But, I want to see that through my eyes”

Krishna says:  “You can not see my Visvaruph darshan with your ordinary eyes.  I will give you Divya Chakshus to see them.”

Then, Krishna MADE  Arjuna to observe His  Visvaruph darshan.


Not by changing Himself, but by temporarily cleansing Arjuna for some time.  Everyone of us can see Krishna’s Original Vishvaruph, but, we are contaminated with RAGA & DVESHA.


Raga means getting attracted to the things around us.  Dvesha means developing hatred.

Krishna eliminated that RAGA & DVESHA from Arjuna and hence Arjuna could see Krishna’s Visvaruph darshan.

This can be compared with an example.  When we are wearing yellow spectacles for our eyes, we will see a photograph of a person with white background as yellow background only.  We are unable to observe it as white as we are wearing yellow specs.  But, the original background of the picture is white.  When we remove the yellow glass, we are able to see the original white background.

Similarly,  Arjuna ‘s eyes (and that of all of us) had been screened by Raga & Dvesha earlier.  When Krishna removed them, Arjuna could see the Visvaruph of Krishna.

This is the secret behind Vishvaruph darshan.


So, the reply for your question is:

Arjuna and even we can not see the Visvaruph darshan of Krishna with our ordinary eyes as we have the dhoshas of Raga & Dvesha.   As Krishna is Pavithra, ie, the purest form, we can not see His complete form with these defective eyes.

When we are freed from dhoshas, we will be able to see the complete form of Krishna with all His creations within Him.  Krishna mercifully showed His beautiful form for all of us during His visit to earth 5000+ years back.  That is not the end of His forms.

We can not see all His Vibhoodhis with our defective eyes.  So, Arjuna needed CLEANSED VISION that is called Divya Chakshus (Divine Vision).

So, Krishna just purified Arjuna’s vision. He did not give a new eye from outside.

Hope you are clear now about the Secret behind Divya Chakshus (Divine Vision) given by Krishna to Arjuna.


Author: RAJAN

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