Why should we fear for karma as we forget our karma in next birth?

Why should we fear for karma as we forget our karma in next birth?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

My question is if we don’t know about anything in the past life then why we need to think about next life?? I don’t know how many times I had born up to now…Then why I need to think next life I can happily live in this life being in the present not think about the future  Please clarify me pr


This means that you have not faced any major sufferings in life. Had you faced serious sufferings, you would have begged the god to relieve you from those sufferings.  Since you might have done many good karma in your past life, you are doing well in this birth and hence is asking this question.

If you go out in a traffic, you follow a traffic rule fixed by the government.  If you violate that rule, you will be fined.

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If you need to travel abroad, you need to follow immigration rules of governments.  You accept them and follow.

If you need a graduation degree, you need to follow college education through a university.  You agree and follow.

Similarly, If you like to have good life in every birth, you need to do only good in every birth. This is also a rule.

The government does not come to you directly and instruct. Since you FEEL the presence of a government in your country, you follow their rules fearing for imminent punishments.

God too does not come directly as we are not qualified to meet Him. But, since you DO NOT FEEL THE PRESENCE OF GOD, you are asking questions instead of following god’s rules.

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So, if you need to ACCEPT the rules of God, YOU NEED TO FEEL THE PRESENCE OF GOD.

If you think against the system of God, that means, YOU HAVE NOT DEVELOPED FULL FAITH IN GOD AND HIS ARRANGEMENTS.

When a scientist says that sound waves travel throughout the universe, we believe because we have the proofs like radio, Television, mobile phones, etc, though we are unable to see the sound waves.

At the same time, when an acharya says to chant hare Krishna to connect to Krishna through those same sound waves, we do not believe it because we do not see Krishna in person.

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Just because we do not see the creator, we doubt His creations.

Our creator is always preesent even in front of us and inside us.  We are unable to see Him because, we are bound with so many attachments and doubts.

Arjuna and gopis got the direct association of Krishna because they believed Krishna without even a trace of doubt.

When you face many tight corner situations in your life, you will beg to the god to relieve you from them and you will cry “Oh god, I am now suffering because of my past deeds.  I will not commit such bad deeds again.  Please save me from my problems”

Now, we will accept that we suffer because of past deeds.  Now, we will start to think that we should not suffer in our future lives because we will be crying like this in future lives also and hence We should fear for karma.

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So, we know that we are suffering now.  Who will like sufferings?  So, everyone will like to escape from sufferings. So, he will start to take all corrective steps.

Scriptures say that Once we decide not to commit serious offenses in life, god starts to cleanse us from our bad karma.  So, we start to feel the start of good prospects once we take such decision to reform ourselves.

Not only our next birth.  Even our children will suffer because of our present bad deeds.  Which father will like their children suffer?  So, atleast for the welfare of his children, he will have to avoid committing sins.

That is why, we are expected to follow proper regulations in our deeds and We should fear for karma.  Let us forget now this karma and think of the presence.  Even in this present life,  if you commit serious offenses, you have another immediate threat of being punished by the laws of governments. So, atleast for the peaceful present life, we need to follow regulations in our actions.

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Above all, we should remember that even the animals do not deviate from their assigned activities.  We have not seen a tiger coming to our home and steal the food we have cooked deliciously. Unless we do not destroy their forests,  they never come to the places where the people live.

But, only man who is an advanced creation with an extra sense, dare to violate the duties and actions programmed for him. So, atleast thinking in in this angle, we should avoid sinning and violating.

So, in all these three considerations, we can conclude that we should perform only good deeds that will give us a good life both in this present life as well as next life.  Though we do not remember what we did in our present birth, WE CAN FEEL IN OUR NEXT BIRTH THAT WE HAVE DONE GOOD DEEDS IN OUR PAST BIRTH AND THAT IS WHY, WE HAVE GOT GOOD LIFE.

Hope you are clear about why should we fear for karma. So, always be a good man to have a peaceful present and future life.

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Author: RAJAN

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