Real Master – Story

Real Master – Story

A servant was serving his master happily.

One day a government official came to see his master.

His master paid his respects to the official.

The servant thought the government official was greater than his master and thought better to serve him rather than his master.

He begged the government official to offer him a job and finally got one and so he left his master.

One day, the collector of the state visited the government official.

The official paid his respects to him.

The servant thought the collector is greater than the government official.

He managed to switch his job at the collector’s office.

It so happened that one day, a minister visited collector’s office and the collector paid his obeisance’s to the minister.

The servant thought perhaps the minister is greater than the collector and switched his job at the minister’s office.

One day, the minister visited a sanyasi and fell at his feet to get the blessings.

Seeing this, the servant thought the sanyasi is greater than the minister and decided to meet the sanyasi.

The servant was curious to know who could be the sanyasi’s master.

He could not control his curiosity and asked this question to sanyasi.

The sanyasi replied that the supreme personality of Godhead Krishna was his master. When the servant asked sanyasi where he could find the supreme Lord, he was directed to the near by temple.

So finally he decided to serve the Lord. By the time he reached the temple, the poojari closed the temple.

When asked when the temple would be open the poojari said temple would be open next day morning.

The servant decided to stay at the temple till next morning to have the dharshan of the Lord.

It was a cold night and he was literally shivering.

Next morning when the poojari came to open the temple he found the servant sleeping happily with the Lord’s silk shawl covering him nicely.

The poojari thought the servant had stolen Lord’s silk shawl.

When he opened the temple the poojari found everything was in tact but the silk shawl missing from Lord.

Finally it was revealed that the Lord was so moved by the determination of the servant to have a dharshan, He gave the shawl to protect the servant from the bitter cold weather.

Moral of this story:

The supreme personality of Godhead is the master and we are His servants and that is our real constitutional position. If one has got single pointed devotion to serve the Lord, he would reciprocate without fail.


Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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