Radharani is the eternal consort of Krishna.

Radharani appeared exactly two weeks after the appearance of Krishna on the eighth day of the waxing moon of Hrsikesha (Bhadra) mase, at noon.

She was found on a lotus flower by Vrashabhanu and his wife Kirtida near the village of Barsana, a few miles away from Nandagrama.

It is said that Srimati Radharani first opened Her eyes only when Sri Krishna appeared before Her. Until that time Her eyes were closed.

Five thousand years ago, when Lord Krishna came to this planet to perform His pastimes,  Srimati Radharani also appeared.

Every  year we celebrate her appearance day. This special day is known as Radhashtami.

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From a lecture by H.H. Varshana Swami:

“On a half-moon night in the month of Bhadra, King Vrishabhanu came to the Jamuna to bathe and found himself engulfed in a golden aura, the golden aura of pure love. It was emanating from a lotus, which had a baby girl standing on its whorl. When the king returned to the palace with the baby, Queen Kirtida was delighted. She was also shocked that the girl was blind.

“Lord Krishna’s mother, Yashoda, heard that her best friend Kirtida had a baby, so she came to visit along with her husband and her son. Krishna crawled up to the cradle and pulled Himself up and looked in. At that moment, Srimati Radharani’s eyes fluttered and opened wide and blossomed like lotuses. It seems that she did not want to see anything of this world, only the form of Sri Krishna. Everyone was delighted.

“Srimati Radharani is the mother of the universe, the spiritual mother of all souls. And the concept of mother is the most sacred symbol—that of purity, selflessness, caring, sharing, nurturing, and love. That is why our sacred mantra is the holy names. It is the holy names in the vocative. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

“‘Hare’ means ‘Radhe.’ It is a plaintive, desperate cry for the mother. ‘Radhe! Please wake us up from this nightmare of mortal life! Remind us of the father we have forgotten and take us home!’”

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In the Krishna consciousness movement, devotees carefully worship Srimati Radharani as the bestower of devotional service to Krishna, by attentively chanting her name in the maha-mantra, by worshiping her deity form, and by following the instructions of the most merciful Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is the combined form of Radha and Krishna.

“(Therefore) Radha is parama-devata, the supreme goddess, and She is worshipable for everyone. She is the protectress of all, and She is the mother of the entire universe.” —Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi 4.89


No one is more dear to Krishna than Radharani. Radharani is not inferior to Krishna in any way. It is Krishna Himself who enjoys Himself in two separate forms, as the enjoyer and the enjoyed.

Krishna’s beauty is so stunning that He Himself becomes enchanted by His own beauty. But if the beauty of Radharani were not greater than that of Krishna, She could not enchant He who can enchant the whole universe. That is why She is called Bhüvan-mohän-mohiné.

She is the effulgence of Krishna, who is like the full moon (Krsnachandra). Krishna is the sum total of all ecstasy, all beauty. He is the original reservoir of all wealth, prowess, and knowledge. So the greatness of Radharani, is beyond the limit of human knowledge, even beyond the limit of understanding of many liberated souls.



Eternal Age:        14 years 2 months 15 days

(Note:  This age refers to eternal age of Radharani. That means, Radharani always remained as the age of 14 years, 2 months, 15 days, and Krishna always remained as 15 years, 9 months, 7 days. Though the years passed, their age remained with that particular age. In Dvapar Yuga, the maximum life of the people was 1000 years. )

Father:    Maharaja Vrsabhanu;
Mother:   Kirtida devi;
Grandfather (Paternal):   Mahibhanu;
Grandmother (Paternal):   Sukhada devi;
Grandfather (Maternal):   Indu;
Grandmother (Maternal):  Mukhara devi who is also young Yasoda and Radha’s nursemaid;
Uncles (Paternal):  Ratnabhanu, Subhanu, Bhanu;
Uncles (Maternal):  Bhadrakirti, Mahakirti, Kirticandra;
Aunts (Maternal):   Menaka-devi, Sasthi-devi, Gauri-devi, Dhatri-devi and Dhataki-devi;
Mother’s sister:   Kirtimati-devi, whose husband is Kasa;
Father’s sister:   Bhanumudra-devi, whose husband is Kusa;
Brother:  (elder) Sridama;
Sister:  (younger) Ananga manjari;
Husband (so-called):  Abhimanyu;
Father-in-law:  Vrkagopa;
Mother-in-law:  Jatila;
Sister-in-law:   Kutila;
Brother-in-law:   Durmada;

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Eight dearest friends of Radharani (Asta-Sakhis)


Radharani’s Favorite Pets

Surabhi cows:  Sunada, Yamuna and Bahula;
Calf:   Tuege
Female monkey:  Kakkhati;
Parrots:   Sükñmadhé and Subhä;
Swan:   Tuëòikeré
Doe:   Rangini;
Chakori bird (Himalayan partridge):   Carucandrika;
Elephant:   Madhuri.

Radharani wears dress made of Her youthful bluish modesty woven with syama colored threads, and also uttaria, which is red due to extreme attachment for the company of Krishna;

She is outwardly very clever and contradictory while at heart is submissive;

She has a complection like a yellow campaka flower and lightening;

Her lips are reddish due to Her deep attraction for Krishna.

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