Why Radha Krishna Love is praised, but, a Girl – Boy love is objected?

Why Radha Krishna Love is praised, but, a Girl – Boy love is objected?

“A male devotee” asked like this:

“  I have one curiosity….My question iz about true love…..we all know that Radha loves krishna very much… Radha can’t live without krishna… That is true love….. But when a boy and girl loves each other in this world we don’t call a true love… Why..? Why we make such type of differences? Why we don’t prefer love between boy and gorl….why we say itz bad…even krishna also loves….. Boy and girl can also be in TRUE LOVE… They can also love each other….. We see that boy and girl in a very bad way… But when we see krishna….. Then…. Krishna also loves Radha very much….. Plz answer….?”


It seems that you have been very much affected by your family and surroundings because of the way they dealt with your love.

This is a helpless curiosity because, you are comparing Radha Krishna love with the material world’s human love.


This is how many people misunderstand Radharani & Krishna and Radha Krishna love..

Radharani is not a different person from Krishna.  She is the energy (internal pleasure potency) of Krishna who control all the spiritual creations.

Krishna’s energy is Radharani.   Since they are not different, They will always be together.

They can not be seen like material world’s lovers.

In this material world, love includes the contamination of some calculations and expectations.

And, material love is time bound.  It involves both pleasures and pains.   It is separable because of the influence of material nature.


Whereas, the love of Radharani and Krishna is called lila.  It is very personal.  It is very pure.  It is in spiritual platform.

Why it is in the spiritual platform?  Because the Gopis and Radharani try to satisfy Krishna.

Anything that is done to satisfy Krishna is spiritual. Not the perverted material love.

And, Krishna also does not love or perform lilas for His pleasure.  Because, Krishna Himself is the source of pleasure.  So, He does not need pleasure from outside.

Krishna involves in such lilas ONLY TO SATISFY HIS TRUE DEVOTEES WHO LOVE HIM.  Not for His pleasure. Because, Krishna Himself is the source of pleasure.

But, human love? It is subject to karma and it is controlled by material laws.  It involves all the tricks and selfish motives.  To get something from the opponent.

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In the exchanges between Krishna and devotees, Krishna truly gives Himself to the devotees.

But, human lover may love you and marry someone else.  Ha Ha.

Radha Krishna love is eternal.

There are many concepts in human love among youth.  “Love two – Marry One”   “Love many – Marry the richest among them”   “Marry….if he is not fully fitting, desert him and marry another one”

Such nonsense things are not possible in the Radha Krishna love.

So, please do not compare the lilas of Radharani and Krishna with the human love.

We are in a risky and pitiful Position in the case of love.

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Author: RAJAN

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