Is Past Life Regression (PLR) true?

Is Past Life Regression (PLR) true?

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji, I wanted to understand if things like past life regression are true? Instances where souls connect with their loved ones through letters (movie Talaash) or books like Many lives Many Masters.. how true is all this stuff?? Thank you very much for sharing so much knowledge with us. Hari Hari Bol.”


Past Life Regression (PLR) is not authentic and it is based on HYPNOSIS.

In HYPNOSIS, the forgotten or hidden memories that belong to even 60-70 years of the PRESENT LIFE can be brought to the current memory from sub conscious mind.

This HYPNOSIS is used in some psycho treatments or in investing the cases.

The Practitioners of this Past Life Regression (PLR), Past Life Regression technique claim to use hypnosis process to bring back the memories of previous lives.

Actually, when we died in our previous body, our mind, buddhi and false ego too were packed with athma and sent along with athma out of body that made us dead.

When we take the present body, the same mind continues in this body also.

But, this mind is transferred to the present body along with the sanskars (memories) of previous births.

But, when the new baby is formed within womb, the memories of previous mind are kept in hidden condition that can never be recovered by the senses.

So, when we apply hypnosis, we can recover the hidden memories of only the present life.  Penetrating into the hidden mind and reading what are the memories inside is impossible.

We can hack the computers, mobiles made by men. But, we can never hack the hidden stored memory from the mind that is even invisible.

However, some Past Life Regression (PLR) Practitioners claim that they read the hidden mind.

But, they follow a technique to interpret something to the visitor.

They ask many questions about their present life and incidents through hypnosis and guess what they would have done in their previous birth.

For example, if a person says that she was cheated by many in this birth so far, the PLR practitioner assumes that he had cheated many in his past lives.  So, he makes arrangements to declare that he was a cheater in his previous births.

Who knows about his past births  So, whatever the practitioner says, we have to believe.  No way to verify them. So, such practices are not approved.

Thus, Past Life Regression (PLR) is based on the assumptions based on Karma Network’s ACTION-REACTION PATTERN.

It is considered as fanatic and clever technique.

A human is not allowed to penetrate into other’s mind to read the memories of past lives. He can predict some basic outlines through astrology only.  Vedic Astrology itself can be used to predict the basic details of one’s Overall and General previous life style (That too, not very deeply).  The Purva Punya Sthaan of every horoscope helps in this. So, if you like to know about the outlook of your past life, Krishna Himself has given Vedic astrology.  It can be trusted.  You can check your horoscope as advised HERE.

However, Lord Krishna knows all our previous births that He ascertains in Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. Because all of us are connected with him like the beads and mala.

So, do not waste time in these things.

Author: RAJAN

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