(From Srila Prabhupada Lilamruta by HH Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami)

To illustrate the foolishness of becoming a blind follower, Prabhupada told a story about the death of Sargal Singh.

Sargal Singh was very much loved by a merchant, and so when Sargal Singh died, the man shaved his head and wore darken clothes.

When another man came into the merchant’s shop, he asked who had died.

“Sargal Singh has died,” said the merchant.

The visitor did not want to seem ignorant so he did not ask who Sargal Singh was, but he also shaved his head and wore dark clothes.

Other people in town began to follow, not wanting to appear ignorant.

When anyone asked who had died, they replied, “Sargal Singh has died.”

When a minister of the king saw so many citizens are mourning he also wore dark clothes and shaved his head.

But when the king saw this, he inquired, “Why are you mourning and for whom?”

“Sargal Singh”, the minister replied.

The king asked, “Who is that?”

When the minister couldn’t answer the king told him to find out.

The minister then inquired and inquired and finally reached the merchant.

“Who is Sargal Singh?”

The merchant replied, “Sargal Singh was my donkey, whom I loved very much.”


Do not follow anyone blindly. Enquire till you get satisfied and then accept what he says. Now a days, most of the followers of any leader are following blindly without knowing about that person. Today’s enquiry will save you from disappointments in future.


Author: RAJAN

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