(From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture – Vrindavana – Dec 10, 1975)

“So our lusty desires, sense gratification, cannot be satisfied even throughout the whole life. The account is being given of the whole life, hundred years.

So out of hundred years, fifty years wasted by sleeping, twenty years wasted by playing like boy and young man, and twenty years as old man, diseased, invalidated, and balance ten years…

Because ninety years he has been so much attached to materialistic way of life, naturally the balance ten years, sesam, he cannot utilize in any other way. He can simply engage himself in that lusty desire for material existence. Aduratmanena kamena.

In this connection there is a very instructive story-it is fact-that the Emperor Akbar, he enquired from his minister…

He had one very big minister; I forget just his name.

Devotee: Birbal.

Prabhupada: Birbal? Maybe. Yes. That “How long one remains in lusty desires?”

This was Emperor Akbar’s question, and the minister replied, “Up to the last point of death.”

So Akbar did not believe it. Akbar said, “No, no. How it can be?”

So the minister said, “All right, I shall reply, time.”

So one day, all of a sudden, he approached the emperor and said, “Sir, you immediately be ready to come with me with your young daughter.”

So Akbar, he knew that this minister is very intelligent; there must be some purpose.

She went with him, and he took him to a person who was going to die.

And the minister asked the emperor:

“You kindly study the man who is going to die, on his face.”

So in the Akbar (indistinct), and his young daughter was entering, the dying man was seeing to the face of the young girl.

So Akbar-after all, he was emperor; he could study-he, that “Yes, Birbal, what he said, that up to the last point of death this desire is there to see the face of a young girl.”

This is called durapurena.

It is never fulfilled.

This attraction of man and women in family life continues.

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Author: RAJAN

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