Clever Brahmana – Story

Clever Brahmana – Story

Once there was a Brahmana who had a very nice garden and in that garden he grew so many nice things and when everybody asked who did this, the Brahmana was very happy and he proudly proclaimed, ‘I did this. I did that. I have green fingers’ so on and so forth.

So he was very happy and for everything he was taking all the credit for himself.

One day a cow entered the garden and started chewing all the plants.

So the Brahmana feared all his hard work is being destroyed.

He took a stick and started beating the cow.

A Brhamana is supposed to protect the cows but now he lost all his common sense.

When you take credit for everything, you lose all common sense and you start beating those persons who are showing you the constructive reason why you should not take the credit.

He beat the cow until it died. The village chief summoned him and told him that he was to be hanged for the crime.

The Brahmana started thinking how to get out of this problem.

He thought that there must be something in the scriptures to save him.

The Brahmana approached the village chief and accepted that he beat the cow but he did not kill it.

The village head wondered how it was possible.

He started explaining, ‘you see, in the shastras it is said that each part of the body is under the control of a demigod. Thus the demigod has a higher control. I am just an instrument. So it is Indra who is to be blamed because he is the presiding deity of the hand. ‘Now word started spreading that Indra killed the cow, until it reached svargaloka and Indra got disturbed about this reverse publicity. He was wondering that he has never even seen the cow. Indra came down in the form of a small boy and walked into the garden of the Brahmana. He met the Brahmana and very much appreciated him for the beautiful garden. As usual the Brahmana started explaining how with hard endeavor he is watering and taking care of then plants. Eventually Indra got fed up and he said, ‘Stop Brahmana. For everything you are saying that your hands has done everything. But when it comes to killing the cow, it is my hand that killed and not yours. This is absolute nonsense.’

When things are good we take credit for ourselves and not care about GOD. But when things are bad we try to blame others and pass the buck.

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Author: RAJAN

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