Why should we chant if we are always involved in Krishna’s thoughts?

Why should we chant if we are always involved in Krishna’s thoughts?


Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Pranam. What is Krishna Consciousness ?  Means love of God. If we love God by giving any relation, ie, son, Husband, friend, father etc, it’s easy for us to do chanting etc.  Our parents brought us up. Without expecting anything from us.

Why can’t we treat Krishna as child like azhawars. How can we make our child happy.. ?  Prabhupadaji says love Krishna , if that devotee, in the beginning, it may be artificial without any affection towards Krishna as a child or friend , then he will automatically do chanting As Baby Krishna is listening him! If he do like this slowely, along with chanting Lord Krishna as baby come to his mind.

Why I am writing is, I do like. This it’s simple, I think it’s easy way that rather Krishna is giving everything, like we should be faithful like dog etc, is quite difficult it sounds that he is dictator that he expect us to remember.  For beginners, it’s quite difficult,.. (sorry if u feel hurt).. Hari bol, I tell you I hardly do chanting.  I listen to bajans, lectures, etc.. listen Gopi Geeth, I do only srvananam.  I remember him as my lover, so it’s easy for me to remember him with more concentration, at the same time no compulsion, I feel his presence very much. What he expect is love not compulsory, worship. If we do this it’s easy for us. I hope you won’t mind. Krishna is for all we can take liberty on him whether we love him in any form he doesn’t mind.  I don’t want anything from him let him give me thousand birth, each birth let me his mercy only I remember him always. Hari Bol.

You know I forgot my routines, unable to do my duties many times, because I got so much immerse in him. To come to normalcy I compulsory watch movies,  Hari bol.. Sorry Prabhuji.. it’s my humble opinion.. You are more knowledgeable person.  you know better.  Thanks and pranam.

I am not against Chanting. What I tried to say may be my English is not good.  How to chant attentively is , I mean to say if he remember Krishna as a child or whatever form he likes , if he do like this it will be easy for him.

2nd I do chanting very rarely only on Ekadesi that too 1 or 2 rounds because , I have nerves problem, what happen is when I do more time it 5 or 6 times, after chanting.. It’s playing like a tape recorder ..
I was unable to sleep it keeps on running, I am unable to sleep. So I reduce it.

Instead I listen Prabhupadaji tape Maha Mantra tape, I do say along with his divine voice..of course without Tulsi mala.  I do cooking and house hold work by playing this..

I am under nerves treatment ..my nerves become weak.  I tried many days I have find out while in bed after closing my eyes,  my mind is awake with Maha Mantra as radio is playing.

Moreover, I listen to my heart beat, when I go to bed, each beat I say in silence, Krishna, Krishna only, I get satisfaction of chanting, that too I get problem of sleepless night if I chant continuously, I take medicine to stop this so that I can sleep.

Hari Nama is nectar, what to do I am not fortunate to chant continuously. Anyway thanks for guiding me. Pray for Krishna give his mercy to chant.
That’s why I don’t want to take dikhsha.. in ISKCON, they ask how many time you chant.?

Thanx and regards  Hare Krishna


Your message shows that you are in a confusion about how to follow our devotion to Lord.  You have developed certain way of following that is convenient for you.  This is my first observation from your message.


The extract of your message is these two:

(1) When we sincerely love Krishna in any form like a child, parent, lover, etc, why should we chant as a mechanical ritual?

(2) You find it difficult to chant because of nerve problems.

If you had asked whether you can avoid chanting because of nerve problems, it is a genuine problem and hence, I would have replied directly with some tips.

But, you have first asked why chanting is required when we love Krishna and then you have asked that you have nerves problem and hence you are unable to chant.

That is why, I also was confused what the real problem is.

Anyhow, let me consider your problems in a positive manner and try to address both the points mentioned by you.

(1) First Question:  When we sincerely love Krishna in any form like a child, parent, lover, etc, why should we chant as a mechanical ritual?

Since you love your husband, you cook nicely.

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When he is sick, you serve him closely even without sleep.

When he works hard, you too share his work.


Because you like to do some sacrifice for your husband since you love him.

When a boy loves a girl, he is waiting for her even for one hour.  If that girl wishes something, he goes even to the Himalayas to bring her favourite thing.


He is showing his love.

If anyone just keeps his love within heart, but, does not have any external loving exchanges, will that love be interesting and will they enjoy that love?

When there is love, it should be expressed in some form.

Only then, the love will grow strongly.

A wife will become happy even if her husband buys some jasmine flower for her and give her with love.


It is the expression that he loves his wife.

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Of course, it may not be necessary, but, it enhances that love and keeps it fresh throughout the life.

This is kaliyuga.  We are always bombarded with the tricks of maya who is sending the persons, things, situations etc, to make us more attached to the material world.

She is doing her duty as a controller of material planets.

But, we are in a position to succeed her tricks by keeping our love with Krishna so strong and keep on thinking of Krishna.

When we SINCERELY chant FROM HEART atleast for one hour or 90 minutes a day, it will be ringing in our heart for the remaining 22-23 hours.  It will help us to effectively deal with the tricks of maya.

Though we tell that we love Krishna and hence we are protected from maya, our mind and the senses will always be doing their job of inducing us.

They will induce us to take more coffee.  More fast foods.  Attractive dressing.  More useless purchases.  To have more sex.  To quarrel with others.  To read and watch useless things in the media.

In other yugas, there were other recommendations like Yagas, Penances, temple worships, etc.  Therefore, the people in those yugas did other devotional practices.

But, in this kaliyuga, all other practices are not encouraged. Since the life of the people is less in kaliyuga, only chanting is recommended in this kaliyuga.

When we chant sincerely from heart, we can effectively protect ourselves from maya.

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When we love someone, we are always prepared to take some sacrifice for him/ her.  Without sacrifice, there can be no love. It will be like a business.

Therefore, you should show your love to Krishna by taking some sacrifices because Krishna has been very merciful to you by giving everything without expectations.  However, we should perform chanting as a reciprocation and gratitude.  Though Krishna does not expect these things, He feels happy and become double merciful with the devotees who performs such sacrifices for Him.

He gives all the requirements to live to others, whereas, He gives Himself and His dham for His devotees who sacrifice their time and energy for HIM.

Now, I ask:  Just because I love Krishna from heart, I could have remained without preaching about Him.  Why should I preach taking my valuable time? Why can’t I just tell “I love Krishna” and remain loving Him from heart?

Because, when we preach about Krishna, He shows His extra mercy on us because we are using the time given by Krishna back to Him.

Same applies for chanting too. You are using your time given by Krishna back to Him by chanting His holy names.

Hope this clears your confusion.


(2) NEXT:  About your inability to chant because of nerves problem:

If this is the case, you can chant within mind that is very effective.

Actual advice of scriptures is to chant within heart.

However, Chanting is done slightly loudly because we have many distractions while chanting within mind.  Since ordinary persons will find it difficult to chant within their heart, we are advised to chant in a small voice.

For your information, I too have nerves issue in forehead ane hence if I chant loudly, I will get headache.  When I read some old texts, they had written about the superiority of chanting within heart.  From then, I too am chanting silently with just the movements of my lips without sound.  Even that lips movement is unnecessary because it may dry our mouth earlier.

Therefore, you can chant within heart silently by sitting in a silent place in your free time after finishing all your other works.

For more information about silent chanting, read this post: Will chanting change the basic nature of a person? Explain loud chanting.

Hope my reply has given required clarification.

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