How should a devotee take bath?

Oh, we know well. Why should you teach bathing to me?

There are reasons.

A devotee should follow a certain rules while taking bath.

Let us see them:

(1) Sanyasis should take bath three times a day.  Others should take bath atleast twice a day.

(2) Morning bath should be done before sunrise and the evening bath before sun set. If evening time is not possible, take bath after returning from work in your convenient time.

(3) Both in the morning and evening, one should do all his worships, chanting, vedic duties, etc, immediately after taking bath.

(4) While taking bath in the morning, you should think of Krishna or Visnhu or Narayana rupas.  Narayana means, “who lives in water” that means Lord Narayana who is always living in the milky ocean.

(5) Since the evening is the time (Pradhosh) for Lord Shiva, while taking bath in the evening you should think of Lord Shiva also.

(6) One should take bath only with the normal water. Hot water may cause nerve weakness.  A bath should make the person brisk and active. So, cold or normal water is the best.

(7) While taking bath, you should apply water atleast three times to your head. If you take bath in a river or pond, you should dip your head atleast three times.  The first time cleans the dirty body.  The second time the body becomes pure. The third time, gives a kind of satisfaction for mind. So, head should be dipped for minimum three times.

(8) While taking bath, think and pray all the seven holy rivers of India.

(9) The seven holy rivers are:  Ganga, Yamuna, Godhavari, Sarasvathy, Narmatha, Sindhu and Kaveri.

(10) Tell this sloka while taking bath, that contains all the seven rivers that gives the benefit of taking bath in all the seven holy rivers:

Gangesa Yamune Saiva Godhavari Sarasvathy

Narmadha Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Gurum.

(11) One should bath wearing a piece of cloth around his body. Men hiding their waist portion. Women hiding from breast to knees. Naked bathing is offensive and insult to Bhoomi devi.

(12) One should take OIL BATH atleast once a week that keeps the body and hairs cool.  Apply gingely oil to the head, face and full body liberally and clean them with herbal paste such as Shikakai (Herbal shampoo can also be used now a days) after 30 minutes. This will keep the body cool and the hairs black, glowing and healthy.

Author: RAJAN

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