Should a disciple get instructions from Spiritual master after getting purity?

Should a disciple get instructions from Spiritual master after getting purity?

This is a subtle topic that you will enjoy.


Imagine this:

A devotee accepts a Spiritual master.

The Spiritual master teaches God consciousness to his disciple.

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The disciple is growing in his devotion and he finally becomes a pure devotee.

When he becomes pure, he is in a liberated state.

In this liberated state, he can easily FEEL his bhava and relationship with Krishna – say, either as friend, parent, guru, Lover, etc.

He will be in the state in which he is established in that particular relationship with Krishna.

Actually, clearly understanding our eternal relationship with Krishna that we are gong to maintain in future is the ultimate, pure and liberated stage for a devotee.

Now, the question arises.

What happens to his spiritual master?

Since he has liberated and established in a relationship with Krishna, he may not have any need for any guidance from his spiritual master.

He has achieved his goal.

Now, Should a disciple get instructions from Spiritual master after getting purity?

Do you realize the importance of this question?

In other words, what should a disciple do with his guru after he achieves Krishna in any bhava?

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This is very sensitive even to imagine.

We teach in schools from the teachers.  Finally, we become the president of a country.

We will come and meet our old teachers.

Because we are in the conditioned state.

But, What about the same in the devotional practices?

The disciple gets liberated.  He has no duties here further.

How sensitive this question is!

Srila Prabhupada was asked by a disciple the same question: Should a disciple get instructions from Spiritual master after getting purity?

Do you know what S.P answered?

He answered that the disciple need not discusss those things now in this current preliminary  and conditioned state and he should now focus in coming out of maya. That is enough.

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That means, a certain things in devotion are to be REALIZED and FELT, not to be discussed.

Let us read his reply:

Letter to Upendra from Los Angeles – 13.11.1968:

“Your question, “When one has become pure enough, Krishna conscious, does one take regular dictation from one’s Guru Maharaja? I know you to confirm yes, but how is this so? Understanding that each individual has a certain particular rasa with Krishna, how would one relate with another soul of a different rasa? Especially between that of the Guru and disciple?” That doesn’t matter. The Spiritual Master’s position is to train the disciples. Just like a teacher, he may be a very expert mathematician, but in the lower class he is teaching English. The Spiritual Master’s duty is to train him, but when he comes to the perfectional stage of training, then he realizes his position. That is not a gift of the Spiritual Master, the Spiritual Master helps him to realize his relationship with the Lord. Just like the student in lower stages has to study so many things as preliminary education, English, history, math, etc., but in higher stage of education, he has got a particular taste for a special subject,

so he specializes as a mathematician or a historian, etc. So that special qualification reveals in the higher stage. So these topics are not to be discussed in the conditioned stage, and when we come to the liberated stage we can understand. This is useless talks in the preliminary stage. In the beginning let us do the preliminary routine work very nicely, and be cured of the disease (out of maya), then we can know what taste you have for what particular type of food. So these things are not to be discussed at the present moment.

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Yes, you can pray to Krishna—Krishna may be prayed that I am unwilling to become Krishna Conscious, so you can force me to become so. You put me under certain circumstances so that I may be forced to accept Krishna Consciousness. You can pray like that. It is Krishna’s special favor and mercy that He sometimes forces a devotee to surrender fully to Him.

Hoping you are well,

Your ever well-wisher,  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami”

Interesting. Isn’t it?

So, remember, do not aim to learn everything theoretically.  Our relationship with Krishna should be REALIZED or FELT, NOT TO BE DISCUSSED.

Oh, Great!

Did you enjoy this blissful Post about the need for a disciple to get instructions from Spiritual master after getting purity.


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