Who are our Seven mothers? Why cow is a mother and given importance?

Who are our Seven mothers? Why cow is a mother and given importance?

The following are our seven mothers as said by the scriptures:

(1) the real mother,

(2) the wife of the spiritual master,

(3) the wife of a brahmaṇa,

(4) the wife of the king,

(5) the cow,

(6) the nurse, and

(7) the earth.

(Scientific reasons for honouring Gurus, Vaishnavas and Cows though they are humans and animals respectively! READ HERE!)

What about the step mother?

A Step mother is also a mother because she is the wife of our father. Since our father is also our guru, she becomes Guru patni.,.

Krishna Himself is the best example for an ideal son who taught others how to treat their stepmothers.

Why cow is also our mother?

We call our mother as mother because she gave her milk for us because no other food is suitable for new born babies up to 2 years.

After that, Cow takes care of our needs to have milk till we die.

Why Cow’s milk?

Because after mother’s milk, the cow’s milk suits our body better than any other food.

Cow’s Milk is the good source of Calcium, Vitamin B-Complex, Protein, etc that are the vital nutrients for our body.

(Is it sinful to kill animals for research by the scientists and the employees? READ HERE!)

Cow’s milk has limited quantity of fat compared to the milk supplied by buffalos.  Cow’s milk is satvic in nature.

Cow’s milk is suitable even for patients, children and old age people.

Thus, next to our mother, cow fulfils our energy and nutrient needs.  That is why, cow is called “Go-Matha”. That means “Mother Cow”.

Hence, Cow is one of the seven mothers that have been listed in sastras.

You may ask: “Why not buffalos?”

Of course, buffalos also supply milk, but, since it has more fat, it is not suitable for new born children. Even in the elders, buffalo’s milk may cause some thamo guna. Therefore, compared to cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk is considered not suitable for new born babies..

The milk of other animals also have domination of thamo and Rajo gunas.  Even the milk of goats is drunk by some people.  However, goats can’t supply sufficient milk to the mankind because their milk will be nearly sufficient for baby goats themselves and they can not satisfy the needs of all people.

Whereas, cows supply more milk even after calfs consume their required milk.

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Thus, in all aspects, cow’s milk is the gift of Krishna for this mankind.

Krishna too descended on earth in the family of yadhavas whose profession is milk production.  Krishna Himself took cows to the forests for feeding daily.  Wherever there is Krishna, there will be cows also.

Cow herself is a satvic animal and she has broad mind in supplying milk to the whole mankind.

However, with the advancement of Kaliyuga, the selfish man kills cows once her milk supply is stopped.  He derives as much milk as possible till the cow is able to supply milk.  After that, he kills her.

Killing cows is like killing mother and there is no remedy for this sin.

Sri Caitanya maha Prabhu has said that those who kill a cow go to the hell called KUMBHIPAKA straight after death.

Just imagine a world without the milk of cow.  We will realize her importance in human society.

Why should not we add cows in the list of seven mothers?

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