(An Incident Narrated by Srila Prabhupada)

About sixty, seventy years ago, one big politician of India, Madana-mohana Mallabhya, he came to see my guru maharaja. So he was inquiring about our activities. So he was informed, amongst other activities, my guru maharaja was publishing papers monthly in English, in Bengali, in Hindi, in Oriya, in Assamese, and one Bengali daily, “Nadiya Prakasa.”

So this politician was surprised that “Oh, you are publishing daily a Bengali paper?”

My Guru maharaja said: “Yes. Why you are surprised?”

He was surprised. He was politician. He was thinking that “What one may speak of God, or Krsna, daily in a paper?”

He was surprised. Because they think that “Sometimes we go to the temple, `O God, give us our daily bread’,” finished God’s business. And my guru maharaja replied that “Why you are surprised?

This Calcutta city is most insignificant part of this universe.” Now, Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita that “The whole material world is situated in one part of My energy.” Ekamsena sthito jagat. When Arjuna asked about the opulence of Krsna, He was describing. And He summarized, athava bahunaitena kim jnatena tavarjuna, vistabhya ahamidam krtsnam ekamsena sthito jagat: “How much I shall go on speaking to you? Just try to understand about My potency, that this whole material world is sustained in one part of My energy.” The spiritual world is the three-fourths part. Suppose Krsna’s energy is acting, one unit. So out of that, one-fourth unit is exhibited, this material world.

There are innumerable universes. We cannot account for one universe in which we are. There are innumerable planets. Everyone has experience in stars and planets. This is one universe. And such universes are coming out, millions, through the breathing period of Maha-Visnu. When He exhales, they come out. When He inhales, they go within.

This material world is only a manifestation, exhibition, of one-fourth energy of Krsna. And within this material world, there are so many universes. And each and every universe, there are so many planets. So this is one of the planets, in which we are living.

And in this planet, there are so many cities, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Delhi, Paris, London, and so many, hundreds and thousands. And each and every city, there are newspapers. And each newspaper is publishing three, four editions daily. So this is the most insignificant planet. Still, there are so many news to hear. Therefore it is said here, srotavyadini rajendra nrnam santi sahasrasah: “Millions and millions, subject matters for hearing. This is a fact. Every paper is publishing three, four editions daily. Especially in the western countries. So if they have got so much news in the material world in this insignificant planet, just imagine how much news are there in the three-fourths’ manifestation of His energy.

So my guru maharaja said that “You are surprised, Mr. Mallabhya, that we are publishing a paper daily. We can publish every minute a paper. Unfortunately, there is no customer.” They have customer for using this material world newspaper.

But our spritual world news, we have to canvas, “Will you kindly take this? Will you kindly take this.” They are not interested. They’re interested in this material news. Radio, paper, magazine, edition after edition.

So they have no time to read a little news we are giving about God in the Back to Godhead. They have no time. Why?

apasyatam atma-tattvam. They do not know what is atma, what is the active principle of all these activities. So they are interested in material newspaper and mundane subjects for hearing.

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