This Lila happened in Banshi Vat (meaning Flute and Banyan Tree) in Vrindavan on Sharad Purnima, the full moon day in which fragrant flowers were spreading their scent.

Lord Krishna was performing Raasa lila for six months that He condensed as one night.

Lord Shiva who was meditating on Mount Kailash was mesmerized by the sweet sound of the flute being played by Lord Krishna in Vrindavan.

His meditation was disturbed.

Unable to control Himself, Lord Shiva left for Vrindavan.

Gopis who were standing at the entrance gate allowed Parvati devi to visit the spot of Raasa lila, but they did not allow Lord Shiva and others (rishis) from entering.

They told that only one Man, Lord Kirshna, could be present for this Raasa lila.

Lord Shiva told the Gopis that he wanted to enter the Raasa lila to see Lord Krishna and Radha.

One of the Gopis, namely Lalita, gave an idea.  He can become a Gopi to see the Raasa Lila.

Lord Shiva bathed in Manasarover and transformed himself into a beautiful Gopi.

Not just that. The river devathaYamuna devi beautified Shiva further.

Lord Shiva entered the Raasa Lila as a Gopi.

Lord Shiva joined the Gopis in Krishna’s  Raasa Leela, enjoying the melodious flute.

Wow, Shiva too started to dance seeing Radharani and Gopis dancing.

Lord Krishna walked past Radharani and all the Gopis who were dancing.

Lord Krishna held the hands of Lord Shiva.

Krishna with smile and great respect, said “Welcome, O Gopeshwar Maharaj”.

Radharani and other Gopis did not understand what is happening.

Lord Krishna said: “Radhe, this is not an ordinary Gopi. This is Lord Shiva Himself. He has transformed himself as a Gopi to see the Raas Leela.”

So sweet to read this lila.

Author: RAJAN

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