Why Purity is important in devotion while Krishna Himself gave genitals to all?

Why Purity is important in devotion while Krishna Himself gave genitals to all?

“A male devotee (Name hidden)” asked like this:

“haribol prabhu.  thank you for enlightening us with different types of knowledge.  one question is irritating me since i became matured and came to krishna cons.  why krishna plays double game?  why he gave the genitals as well as advices us to control it?  what we gain by controlling them? doctors say that wastage of ……….will not affect health.  why bakthi and sex are linked? why  should i maintain purity? what is the benefit of purity?  if you clear my queries, i ll sleep well tonight.  please”


Very interesting!  Of course, everyone should know that!

Krishna does not play double game!  He gives pleasure through senses/organs as a test for us.  If we become addicted to these pleasures,  He gives many births to enjoy and remain conditioned!  If we pooh pooh these pleasures and remain in the thoughts of Krishna, that shows your sacrifice and Lord likes that devotee who do not UNNECESSARILY use the genitals, except for getting children.  That’s all.  This is a test by Krishna!  Take it like that!

The purpose of giving genitals for people is not just for sense gratification, but for reproduction to maintain the population of every planet! One must use his genitals for getting children, not just for sense gratification.  However, so as to involve the people in reproduction, Lord Krishna created genitals along with some temporary pleasures to encourage the people to involve more in reproduction and maintaining the population of the planet.  All our organs have been created from the organs of the creator Krishna Himself!

Don’t you believe?  Let me explain:

Srimad Bhagavatham (2-6-8) says:

“From the Lord’s genitals originate water, semen, generatives, rains, and the procreators. His genitals are the cause of a pleasure that counteracts the distress of begetting.”

Srila Prabhupada says in his Purport:

“The genitals and the pleasure of begetting counteract the distresses of family encumbrances. One would cease to generate altogether if there were not, by the grace of the Lord, a coating, a pleasure-giving substance, on the surface of the generative organs. This substance gives a pleasure so intense that it counteracts fully the distress of family encumbrances.

A person is so captivated by this pleasure-giving substance that he is not satisfied by begetting a single child, but increases the number of children, with great risk in regard to maintaining them, simply for this pleasure-giving substance. This pleasure-giving substance is not false, however, because it originates from the transcendental body of the Lord.

In other words, the pleasure-giving substance is a reality, but it has taken on an aspect of pervertedness on account of material contamination. In the material world life , ……life is the cause of many distresses on account of material contact. Therefore, the ……… life in the material world should not be encouraged beyond the necessity. There is a necessity for generating progeny even in the material world, but such generation of children must be carried out with full responsibility for spiritual values. The spiritual values of life can be realized in the human form of material existence, and the human being must adopt family planning with reference to the context of spiritual values, and not otherwise.

The degraded form of family restriction by use of contraceptives, etc., is the grossest type of material contamination. Materialists who use these devices want to fully utilize the pleasure potency of the coating on the genitals by artificial means, without knowing the spiritual importance. And without knowledge of spiritual values, the less intelligent man tries to utilize only the material sense pleasure of the genitals.”

The above was taken from the purport of Srila Prabhupada.

YOUR NEXT QUESTION: What is the need and power of being a pure devotee by controlling the senses?

If you are pure, Lord is attracted with your purity and comes to you instantly whenever you call Him! There are many examples in scriptures for that!

Srila Prabhupada says in SRIMAD BHAGAVATHAM (2-8-20):

“The yoges’vara, or the master of mystic powers, can exhibit eight kinds of wonders of perfection by becoming smaller than the atom or lighter than a feather, getting anything and everything he desires, going anywhere and everywhere he likes, creating even a planet in the sky, etc.

There are many yogesvaras having different proficiencies in these wonderful powers, and the topmost of all of them is Lord Siva. Lord Siva is the greatest yogi, and he can perform such wonderful things, far beyond the ordinary living beings.

The devotees of the Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, do not directly practice the process of mystic powers, but, by the grace of the Lord, His devotee can defeat even a great yogesvara like Durvasa Muni, who picked a quarrel with Maharaja Ambarisa and wanted to show the wonderful achievements of his mystic powers.

Maharaja Ambarisa was a pure devotee of the Lord, and thus without any effort on his part the Lord saved him from the wrath of Yogesvara Durvasa Muni, and the latter was obliged to beg pardon from the King.

Similarly, at the time of Draupati‘s precarious position, when she was attacked by the Kurus who wanted to see her in a compromised position in the open assembly of the royal order,  the Lord saved her from being stripped by supplying an unlimited length of sari to cover her. And Draupadi knew nothing of mystic powers.

Therefore the devotees are also yogesvaras by the unlimited power of the Lord, just as a child is powerful by the strength of the parents. They do not try to protect themselves by any artificial means, but are saved by the mercy of the parents.”

This is the power of purity and a pure devotee is far beyond the yogis and get all the protection by the Lord Himself directly.

I would like to say in a clear statement like this:


So, if you like to get the association of Lord, you must be pure, as Lord is also pure!  Oil can not mix with water.  That is , to mix two liquids, both of them should be in a same state.  Similarly, if you like to go back to the Lord, you must be as pure as Lord Krishna!

Here, PURE means, RENOUNCIATION FROM THE MATERIALISTIC WAY OF LIFE!  Detachment from materials and attachment with Krishna by heart!

Hope you will sleep well tonight!

Author: RAJAN

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