Why the women are not recommended to take Sanyasa?

Why the women are not recommended to take Sanyasa?

A girl devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

“As the girl want to  live her life detached from material life how she should live prabhuji”


As far as girls/ women are concerned, sastras are very merciful and they have not fixed any difficult processes of devotional practices.

The women are not recommended to take Sanyasa and they need not worry about not having that choice.

However, if the the women perform her duties without attachments, that itself is sanyasa for her. She need not go out of home for following sanyasa as an ashrama.

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IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR REGULAR DUTIES WITHOUT ATTACHMENTS (without considering everyone and everything as eternal), that itself is enough and great for you.

No need to show through your outside appearance & activities that we are detached.

1. If a girl is unmarried, she must associate with her father and help him in all his devotional practices.

2. If she is married, she must do all the necessary assistance to her husband in his devotional practices. This is enough for them.

2. Why such relaxation for women? Because, the family structure should be properly maintained. If the women do not take care of the welfare of the children and family, the whole family collapses.

3. It is believed that Only a woman has been given very responsible nature and the patience to manage the family very well compared with men.

4. There will be an order and discipline in the services of women. So, the children are entrusted to mother instead of father.

5. So, when the women starts to follow the devotional practices seriously, many of them may lose their interest in the family maintenance. So, the children can not be raised properly with discipline. So, the scriptures advice them to associate with and help their husbands.

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6. Should a woman give up their desire of going back to Krishna just because she is a woman and need not involve in devotional services?

Not so. She is very fortunate because Just by assisiting her husband/ father, she can get the same benefits that her husband/father gets through their  devotional practices.

Only because they have to involve in family maintenance and child care activities more, the women have been given this relaxation. So, see this as a blessing, not as the partiality. The Scriptures are merciful on women understanding their responsibilities.

7. Does this mean women need not do any saadhanas, ie, devotional practices? Not so. They can do whatever they can in addition to the family duties, WITHOUT SKIPPING THE FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES.

8. They can sincerely chant the Lord’s names, go to the temples and take part in the sathsangha, festivals, etc.

9. At home, they can cook and offer to the Lord and distribute that Prasadam to the entire family.

10. Most importantly, the women too should strictly follow the four regulative principles – No meat eating, No gambling, No intoxication and No Illicit relations. These are enough.

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11. Is it compulsory for women to go to ashrams and stay there? Not compulsory. Generally, when the husband gets liberated from this material world, the wife too gets liberated. So, if she SINCERELY and HUMBLY serves her husband, her husband himself is her first guru. She need not go and settle in ashrams. In the actual Indian Vedic culture, a girl can not stay in the ashrams. Only the wife of that guru will be there in the campus of ashrams.

12. The women can be the visitors for ashrams for getting the blessings of guru. But, they should not stay there as it is the place for brahmacharis and the women should leave after the darshan and continue their service to the family and Lord from their home.

13. So, in this kaliyuga, violation of these practices will affect the family system. So, my advice to the women is that BE IN YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUR PARENTS or HUSBAND (though there are some issues with them). ALSO PRACTICE DEVOTIONAL PRACTICES BY BEING WITHIN YOUR FAMILY. NEVER LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND OR PARENTS FOR BECOMING AN ADVANCED DEVOTEE LIKE MEN. Because, if your father/ husband is a sincere devotee, you too get equal benefits.

14. What if your husband is not a devotee? Still, you get blessings if you follow the saadhanas mentioned above, and simultaneously serve that husband though he is not a devotee. Your saadhanas will gradually make him as a devotee within this birth itself. So, do not worry.

15. So, the point is that the women have been given some essential practices to be followed to advance in devotion by being in the family associating with their father (if unmarried) or husband (if married).

Hope you are clear why the women are not recommended to take Sanyasa.

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