How to find Krishna’s view if we hear many views about a person?

How to find Krishna’s view if we hear many views about a person?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“How do we know what step should be taken regarding our life’s decision as Krishna helps us or guide us but how do we know what is Krishna trying to say to us? As before marriage my brother was against marriage due to their demanding nature but my maternal uncle who is also very dear to me also was telling me their positive points. So whose advice should have been listen… How to make decisions someone’s says something, someone says other things and both are very dear to us. Between both the choices what is Krishna’s choice …how to know…”


This is a good question based on my post that said that Krishna helps through the people only.

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Here, Krishna indicates you to look into the matter seriously and then take decision when there is a situation to find Krishna’s view if we hear many views about a person.

No decision can be taken without EVALUATING the options before that.

Here, Krishna makes you hear two views from two persons about a single person.  If you are comfortable with both the negative and positive from both of them, you can consider that person.

Let me give a few examples to understand this clearly:

(1) A girl sees a boy for marriage.  She gets two feedbacks about him.  One says that he is very intelligent and hard working and kind.  Another says that he is dirty and he does not take bath and brush his teeth properly.

Two views from two persons!

Now, the ball is in the court of the girl. If she prefers his kindness and hardworking, and if she can bear his smelling body or believes that she can correct him, she can take a positive decision to marry him.

In case she is very particular about hygiene and cleanliness, and is ready to say NO to even a billionaire if he does not have hygiene, she should avoid that boy.

Thus, the decision making depends on the nature and the preferences of the receiver of the feedbacks also.

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(2) You are going to a shop to buy some rice for your house. The shop keeper shows two varieties of rice and tells like this:

“Sir, this rice (1) will bear three cups of water for every cup of rice and the cooked rice will be normal in taste. This rice (2) will bear only two cups of water for every cup of rice and hence the output of boiled rice will be less compared to the rice (1). But, this rice (2) will give outstanding taste and aroma when it is cooked. Which one do you prefer”

Oh, two feedbacks about two rice varieties.  Which one to choose?

If your first preference is the taste and aroma, you should choose the rice (2).  If your first preference is getting more output of boiled rice from every cup of rice grain, then, you should choose the rice (1).

If you choose rice (1) you have to compromise in the aroma and taste.  If you choose the rice (2), you have to compromise in the output quantity.

This shows that, we can’t live in this world without compromising in something.  We can’t get all we want as such.


(3) There are many popular personalities.  Do all people have same opinion about them?

Many praise Modi; At the same time, many others accuse him.  Still he became the PM.

Many like Salman khan;  Many others like Amir Khan only.  Both are earning in crores.

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Many praise Gandhi ji.  There are a small section of people who accuse even Gandhi ji.

Many like a particular brand of dental products;  At the same time, many others accuse their products.  Still, that brand is making profits.

Many praise the “free” western life style;  But, the westerners praise the “conservative” Indian life style. Which one to choose?  Just according to your taste and nature.

There are many hundreds of T.V channels in India. All are making some money and are surviving paying the license and satellite fee for the govt.  Since the people have different tastes, there are hundreds of channels following different types of programs to satisfy every type of person.

Thus, this world itself is the blend of varieties. everywhere, you will see two views from two persons about a single person or matter! The Lord has given both good and bad for a purpose. It is your experience and responsibility to choose the best one for you according to your taste and preferences.

Similarly, the Lord gives different opinions about a person.  If you can compromise in a few of his negatives considering his more positives, you can select him.

How do you expect that Krishna should show you only a perfect choice?

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It is impossible because human senses are not perfect because they are under the clutch of this material world controlled by maya.  Everyone will have a few bad things and many good things.

However, bypassing maya, by giving two views from two persons, Krishna shows you all the good and bad features of a person or concept to help you to evaluate and take decision on your own.

You may be required to make some compromises in every stage of life.  Which can be compromised and which can not, depends on every individual.

So, if you hear two views from two people, decide after evaluating whether you can compromise with that negative considering the benefit of the positives he has.

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I have explained in a simple way with examples.

Hope you understood how to find Krishna’s view if we hear many views about a person

Author: RAJAN

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