Is it true that there is no unity among followers of Sanatan dharma?

Is it true that there is no unity among followers of Sanatan dharma?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji. PAMHO. Prabhuji, when we listen to the news, many times our mind gets disturbed.

Whatever is happening in Israel and Hamaz is quite disturbing. I really feel nice seeing how Jews have joined together to protect their religion. Why are Hindus so divided? If one of our Hindu brothers is a good follower of religion, his own family members consider him inferior, backward and insult him.

Sometimes I feel It would have been better if he had been a Jew. But, immediately I realised that I did not mean that, I meant that there should be unity among us too.

Today, if someone applies tilak, keeps a shikha, wears a dhoti, then people look at them in the wrong way. As if they have committed a crime. I consider it a great blessing for me that I am a Hindu Sanatani, it is the blessings of Shri Vrindavan Ayodhya Dham but it has come into my heart. Please forgive me for this wrong thinking.”


This is a wrong perception.

Divisions exist in all the religions.

Where there are 10 people, there will be divisions.

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Even within the family members, we can see such divisions.

Then, how can you expect a religion to have unity among the followers?

When the country is peaceful and normal, there will be divisions and divisive discussions.

But, when the country is attacked by the enemies, all the Indians forgot all their differences and stood united for our country.

You could have heard that the whole country stood behind Gandhiji in the freedom struggle initiated by him.

When Kargil war happened, the whole country stood behind the Indian military and Indian Government.

When there was unimaginable heavy flood in Chennai a few years ago, all the people helped others irrespective of castes and religions.

The whole country fought the war against the Covid-19 Virus and succeeded in it when other countries had only partial victory.

The communal and religious clashes are very less for a population of 140+ Crores whereas there are clashes in the countries that have just a few millions of population.

So, Our people have acted with unity whenever India faces any threats from the enemies, diseases, Floods, Cyclones, Tsunami, etc.

Of course there are differences between the Sampradhayas, religions, communities, etc. Where there are identities, there will be differences too.

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For Indians, America will look like a heaven.

For Americans, Indians are fortunate people for having the religious wisdom.

That side of land is greener than this side.

Blue are the hills that are far away.

Differences exist in all the religions, communities, races, etc.

Similarly, the people of every country will unite when their country is attacked.

So, please review your thoughts. It is not true that there is no unity among followers of Sanatan dharma.

India is known for Unity among Diversity.

It will continue for ever and no one can pau an end to the sanatana dharma. It has survived and grown even after the attacks by the invaders of India like Moghuls and British.

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Author: RAJAN

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