Can a Krishna devotee recite the Pranam mantras of other gods?

Can a Krishna devotee recite the Pranam mantras of other gods?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhuji, dandvat pranam, I am getting matured by reading your posts regularly. And understanding how easy and beautiful it is to follow bhaktiyoga and karmayoga. But I am getting confused a lot of times with doubt regarding one doubt. As you said I respect all the demigods as servants of Krishna and as Vaishnavas. We can see many pictures of demigods when we go outside and as we pass by the road frequently. There are temples also on our way like lakshmiji, Ganeshji.

Almost in every shop we pass by has those worshipped deities or pictures from popular temples and the pictures of saints also. So do we need to offer obeisances there? If yes, then how can we offer? Reciting pranam mantra at every place seems difficult in public when we are with friends or someone else. I heard from a devotee that when we offer obeisances to Krishna, It is like offering obeisances to all demigods also. But I am unable to go to iskcon temple every day. Can I offer obeisance to picture of alter in iskcon temple. Please help me when you get time. Please hide my name Prabhuji.”


Why not?

You are visiting a company to meet the chairman of that company.

While entering, you can see the peon, clerical staff, administrative staff, manager, G.M, etc.

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Won’t you wish them with a gentle salute?

Just because you are gong to meet the chairman, will you avoid wishing others?

What kind of decency it is?

Why should we have that much of ego?

They are more advanced than us in status. We are advised to honor the
Devotees who are humans.

Then, why should we avoid wishing the demigods?

See, a devotee of Krishna should be kind and simple.

He should not develop hatred on anyone and anything.

He has to show his kindness and love even for a dog.

So, a Vaishnava sees the demigods as the servants of Krishna and hence he gives utmost respect to them.

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A learned Sadhu sees Krishna even in the dogs and dog eaters.

So, how can he disrespect the demigods who are serving the Lord Krishna?

The conclusion is:

A devotee of Krishna can visit the temples of demigods and worship them without shyness but with the following two conditions:

(i) He should always keep in mind that Krishna alone is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

(ii) He should not pray for any material benefits from the demigods; Instead, he can pray for their blessings to come up in the devotion to Krishna.

(ii) He can recite the Pranam manthras of other gods, but without any prayers for material benefits.

And, though you worship Krishna at home keeping the deities or pictures of temple deities, it won’t equal visiting the temples directly. Because when we visit the temples, we get sufficient association of other devotees.

So, visiting the temples and taking sathsangha in possible intervals is important for every devotee.

Hope you are clear now whether a Krishna devotee can recite the Pranam mantras of other gods.

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Author: RAJAN

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