Should a devotee have Perfection in the Service to Krishna?

Should a devotee have Perfection in the Service to Krishna?

A devotee (Name hidden on request) asked like this:

HARE KRISHNA PAMHO.  A devotee friend of mine have asked this… Please help or suggest some solution if any.

“I hv one psychological problem.  If I learn any answer and check myself whether I know the answer then if by mistake even I go somewhere wrong then I will repeat the answer. My mind remains dissatisfied and I waste my time on that answer. Same goes with bhakti

If I don’t perform one service nicely then I lose my interest in performing other service with enthusiasm. Then my mind forces me to plan abt tomorrow and assures that tomorrow will do all the services nicely

And in this way the perfect tomorrow never comes. I’m totally under the control of my mind

Please don’t mention the name.  HARE KRISHNA


Your worry is genuine one and this shows that you like to be perfect.  Good intention.

Actually, Krishna is very merciful.  He sees just our love, not the materials or procedure.  However, since Krishna is 100% pure, we too should follow purity and perfection in our service to Him.

Perfection means not straining yourself. Be normal and do every service with love.  If you develop sincere love with the Lord, perfection will automatically come.


If a boy loves a girl, he becomes sincere automatically. He may go to interview a few minutes late.  But, he will go to the spot of meeting his lover even an hour before the scheduled time and will be waiting till his lover comes.

If he likes to gift anything to his lover girl, he does not purchase ordinary things. He selects the best looking and really useful gifts for her.  Because, he likes to satisfy his lover.

He speaks selected sweet words to his lover though he scolds his parents without reasons.

Why this happens?

Because, he feels that he will get his lover only if he satisfies her. 

Follow the same in Krishna also.

That girl is just a body based partner.  Whereas, Krishna is your soul mate.

Body is temporary.  Soul is eternal.

So, when you show this much of interest in satisfying your body mate, why can’t not you show full interest in the case of your soulmate Krishna?

That is why, to increase our love and dedication to Krishna, the practices like offering food, making decoration of Krishna Pictures/ deities, worshiping, chanting have been recommended.

Hereafter, try to be punctual in serving Lord, though He does not expect such things.

Give a perfect gift to Lord though simple but with love.  Perfect gift is your ‘love packed food’ though it is simple, or, just water, leaf, fruit, etc.

Use sweet words to Krishna by glorifying Him through the manthras and kirtans recommended for us.  Primarily, chant Hare Krishna as much as possible.

Offer worship keeping the pictures or deities of Lord daily.

Respect and Honour all His devotees.

Follow discipline in life.

Work to satisfy Krishna and as His service. Not for your pleasures.

Consider Krishna as your primary member in the family. Always care Him first and then do other things.

Do everything with love, not mechanically.

If there is love, it satisfies Krishna. Though you may not do it perfectly.  It is perfect for Krishna because you care Him and love Him. That is enough for Him.  Do not think of perfection because we can not be perfect all the time. Just avoid offenses while serving Him.  It is considered as perfection.  Perfection is not a big word to worry about.

Offense-free service itself is Perfect Service.

To enhance this love and to keep it alive for ever, follow the above mentioned recommended devotional practices.

What is the difficulty for you in doing these things for your eternal soulmate Krishna?

Think and decide.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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