Will the death of a patient adds karma to doctors who treated him?

A cardiologist asked like this on Karma to doctors:

Me a doctor works in cardiology. Being a doctor, I have to handle many patients. Always I try for best for the patients but sometimes the result is bad. If the patient is dead and there is little bit unwillingful fault is due to me, am I responsible for this and does it count as my sinful act? (Is it the karma for doctors?). One more question, as a doctor, when patient is dead we have to examine patient and confirm as dead. We have to do such things many times. Sastra said to touch dead body is impure. Therefore, is it necessary to take bath always after this ? Hope you clear about it.


The Medical Profession is existing even from the age in which the people started to classify the plants, herbs, etc for eating.  Simultaneously, they became aware of the good and bad effects of all plants.  Then, they educated others to eat a particular plants for a particular problem and to avoid a particular plants to avoid a particular problems.

Thus, diseases and cure are existing from the day the man started to gain knowledge based on his experiences.  Therefore, this is the very old profession.

Even during the period of Krishna’s descendence to earth, medical professionals existed.  Even in Deva Loka (heavens), there are doctors headed by Danvantri Bhagawan.

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Sri Sushrutha, a popular rishi had known so many Ayurveda treatments and he had performed many such surgeries including eye surgeries even 3500 years ago. He has written a guide namely “Sushrutha Samhita” that tells hundreds of secrets on Ayurveda and surgeries. He is known as the “Father of Surgeries”.

Thus, it is clear that, medical profession is very important for a society.  If you take astrology, there are signs that show that this person will get a particular disease and it will be cured by the treatment.

This establishes the fact that diseases and cure by doctors were existing in the vedic system of life also.

Therefore, your profession is a dignified and needy one.

Giving treatment for the patients is the duty of a doctor.  The result may be positive or negative.  That depends on patient’s karma.  But, the doctor should do his duty.



Though the patient dies, the doctor will not add any negative karma. However, the doctor should be very sincere in his duty forgetting his personal issues.  In case the doctor does not give proper treatment out of negligence and the patient is affected, then, the doctor will add negative karma.  This is because of the negligence of duty.

Therefore, the doctors should be very sincere in their duties.  The patient entrusts himself to the doctor.  This is the very big responsibility to the doctors.

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As far as touching the dead bodies is concerned, it will not add any negative karma or dosha because it is the duty of the doctor.  No dosha for performing duty sincerely.

In addition to this, the doctors may have to see the hidden parts of the bodies of opposite sex or same sex during the treatment.  This too will not affect their purity and consciousness.  In fact, they will get a mind like a sanyasi as they are always dealing with the bodies.  They will come to know the real nature of our body.  This will make them matured in approaching the opposite sex.

In general, keep in mind, if you do your assigned duty sincerely just as a duty, no dosha or karma will add to you.

Therefore, be relieved and perform your duties as sincerely as possible.  If you chant Hare Krishna regularly and sincerely, even the unavoidable mistakes during treatments will be forgiven.  Start every treatment after chanting Lord’s name atleast once.

All the best.

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