Should we make arrangements for deities care after our death?

Should we make arrangements for deities care after our death?

Actual Question from a devotee:

Radhe Radhe Prabhuji I have ladoo gopal in my house and I really love to make food for him,bathing him,doing his shringar and serving him. Now my muma is saying me that its beautiful you are serving him but what after your marriage? Or after my death? Or the time when I will get job I will be busy there how will you manage to do sewa. I am feeling bad because I dont wanna leave this sewa. Time spent with my ladoo is best time for me. What should I do so that this doesnt stops even when am married or am doing job? Thank You Hare Krishna


This worry of deities care after our death, comes because of your attachment to Krishna.

However, such worries are unnecessary.

No one is going to live here for ever.

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Everyone of us are going to leave this world leaving everything.

But, we can not leave only one thing for ever – even after our death.

It is our devotional practices to Krishna.

Whatever we do for Krishna now, will come to us even after we leave this body.

They will take us even to the kingdom of Krishna.

What you leave in this world while death is the deities.

Of course, the worshiped deities are Krishna Himself.


But, Krishna will always accompany you in other forms.

Therefore, do not worry to make arrangements for deities care after our death since you have to leave your deities one day.

However, you can not skip your services to the deities just because you are busy.  When you maintain a deity, you have to bath him atleast once a week and offer food atleast once a day.

Therefore, you need not be too busy without allotting even 10 minutes of time for Krishna deity care out of 24 hours.

If you are away for a day or two, place some fruits in front of the deities and request Him to take the fruits for the next two days.

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Do not carry the deities wherever you go because you can not maintain the purity.

Instead, carry a picture of Krishna and worship during travel.

If our death comes after prolonged illness, we can hand over the deities to the nearest temple even when we are alive.

Or, even when we are alive, we can request our family members to hand over the deities to the nearby temple after our demise.

If any devotee passes away suddenly, the best honour the family can do for the deceased soul is to hand over the deities to the temple after the demise of the devotee. The death rituals are secondary.  The deceased soul will be satisfied only if the family gives suitable honour for the deity.


If anyone in the family is little bit devotional, he/ she can start and continue the deity service as the honour for the deceased devotee and, of course, to krishna.

If no one in the family is in a position to take care of the deities, as said above, the family should hand over the deities to the nearby temple.

If that is also not possible for the family, they can atleast leave the deities in the sea or pond or well water after simple prayers.

Or, the family can hand over the deity to another devotee who likes to take care of that deity.  even the seriously ailing devotee can thus hand over the deity to another devotee.


There is a sentiment that used deity should not be given to someone else. But, in logical thinking, we can conclude that it is better than leaving the devotees without any arrangement.  Logical and practical thinking is required in such situations.

In any case, the dying devotee need not worry as Krishna will come with him to the next body also and guide him in devotion, or, Krishna may even take that devotee to His kingdom if the devotee had attained qualification.

Hope this helps in the matter of deities care after our death.



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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Can you please explain what is the procedure to install Radha Krishna Deities (small deities of 4 to 5 inches).

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