Lord Shiva’s Anger & Mercy – Story

Lord Shiva’s Anger & Mercy – Story
(From Srimad Bhagavatham 4th Canto, chapter-6)

All of us know that Lord Shiva was insulted when Parvati devi attended the Yagna performed by her father Daksha. He did not even invite his daughter Parvati or Son in law Lord shiva for the Yagna.

So, Parvati devi told Daksha:

“You hate the great Lord Siva by uttering whose name a dying man is absolved of all sins and is released from further birth and death. Such an all-merciful all forgiving God you hate. I am ashamed of this body, which is derived from you.”

Then sitting in the lotus posture and concentrating on the feet of her Lord her body was consumed in a trice by holy fire.

Sri Narada Maharishi broke the sad news to Sri Rudra. But the great God being omnipresent had known everything.

Sri Rudra became furious. He sprang up and from his matted locks, plucked a strand and hit the earth with it. A huge gigantic form, Veerabhadra with a golden crown and wielding a trident flashing flames danced round Siva.

Prostrating before the great God he addressed him thus: “Your servant my lord, what shall I do?” The Lord said, “Go! And destroy Daksha and his yagna. You are the foremost of my commanders.”

Veerabhadra roared with delight and accompanied by all the myrmidons of Siva, sped towards the yagna sala. The earth trembled under their feet, the sky darkened. A whirlwind destroyed everything before them heralding their coming.

The sages conducting the yagna were frightened. Ladies of the royal household , Sati’s mother and sisters , trembled with fear.

And all at once the avengers were upon them. With flaming torches they set fire to the yagnasala.

Nandiswara caught hold of Bhrigu and said, “You proudly stroked your beard when the great Lord Siva was insulted. .”

Saying so he plucked off his beard. Pushana, the sun god, – who had derisively laughed earlier – had his teeth knocked out. Daksha put up a brave fight but Veerabhadra caught hold of him, wrenched his head off and threw it into the sacrificial fire.

Thus ended the great Daksha yagna. The devas were not too pleased. Was not Daksha their great leader, master of Vedic hymns, who sustained them with frequent yagnas? And now who will conduct great yagnas? How can they derive their strength from the yagnas now?

They approached Brahma and requested him to pacify Sri Rudra and revive Daksha.

Brahma replied, “All of you and Daksha in particular have deeply offended Sri Rudra, the embodiment of calmness. Still I shall come with you and try to console Sri Rudra who is in deep grief over the demise of his dear wife”. |

So they formed a great procession and with Brahma at their head, slowly wended their way to Sri Kailash, the abode of Sri Rudra.

On the way, they had to cross many valleys and rivers and wooded forests with magnificent trees like cedar, devadaru, and sandal wood.

Finally, they approached Sri Kailash, the abode of Sri Rudra.

There they saw a great banyan tree and under it’s spreading branches was Sri Rudra himself. The crescent moon shone like a jewel in his matted locks. The embodiment of calmness, He was sitting cross-legged .

His body so dear to the sages was smeared with ashes. Holding the japamala in one hand and indicating the chin mudra with the other, he was instructing the sages, Sri Narada, Sanaka, Sananda and many others. The sages were sitting around in deep attention.

On seeing Brahma, Sri Rudra arose and prostrated before him as a son should and so did all the others.

Then Brahma said, “O! Rudra! You are the all merciful, all-powerful, the all seeing one. It behoves you to forgive this Daksha and his followers for their ignorance. Be pleased to give Daksha his life, Brigu his beard, Pushana his teeth and wisdom to all.”

Sri Rudra smilingly replied “Indeed! I do not want to punish these foolish people who are subject to Maya.”

Daksha’s followers repented for their mistakes and humbly requested Sri Rudra to accompany them and see that the yagna was completed.

Sri Rudra graciously agreed and followed them to the yagna sala. Daksha’s head had been burnt up. So they substituted it with the head of the sacrificial goat. Its beard was grafted on Brigu’s chin. It was decreed that Pushana would get only puddings as sacrificial offerings, as he had no teeth.

Now Vishnu (Hari) also appeared and in the presence of the Trinity the great yagna was concluded.

All the gods and sages returned to their respective abodes chanting the Rudram and Chamakam, Daksha leading them all.

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