Leaders Set a Precedent – Story

Leaders Set a Precedent – Story

Once a feast party was arranged to reward Columbus, who accidentally found America.

Some persons who were jealous of Columbus also attended that party.

One of those jealous persons mocked telling like this;

“Not only Columbus, had whoever sailed on the Atlantic ocean would have new countries”.

Hearing his comment, Columbus took an egg from among the dish served in the feast.

He gave that egg to that man and said:

“Place this vertically on the table”

That person tried many times, but he could not place the egg vertically on the table.

Then, he asked Columbus:

“Can you place this vertically on the table?”

Columbus got that egg from that man and touched with pressure the narrow portion of that egg on the table.

A small flat surface was formed on that part of the egg.

Now, the flat part of that egg stood on the table vertically.

That man saw this and said:

“If this is the trick, I too would have done so.”

Columbus said with a smile:

“Any task may appear easy after someone does it first. But, one needs brain and intelligence only to do that task for the first time when there is no precedence”.

That man could not reply and bowed his head down.


Achieving first and creating precedence require more intelligence and skills. He only will be the leader.

Krishna too has said in Bhagavad Gita (3-21):

“Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And, whatever standard he sets by his exemplary acts, all the world pursues”.
Thus, Leaders Set a Precedent. Others follow.

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Author: RAJAN

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