Can a Krishna devotee curse & transfer negative energy to others?

Can a Krishna devotee curse & transfer negative energy to others?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to srila prabhupada.

Is it possible that someone who is doing bit of tapasya and following brahmacharya and chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra 16 rounds and visiting temple frequently can attain siddhi?

I am asking this because i feel like i have done misuse of spiritual power. It is written in shastras that if you do tapasya and other spiritual things, the contamination goes to ground.

(Story is also there, I have read it, a kingdom in which there was no grains and food due to brahmana being doing austerities without initiation so his contamination was bad)

So what i have done i feel like i have attacked a family member with this creative spiritual power, i was chanting Maha mantra and mentally i strongly imagined to transfer negative energy to a place where my family member was sitting ( i wont reveal who is it because i feel ashamed, sorry, i was too angry without any big reason)
So the same day that family member went ill and went unconscious and fell to ground, i was shocked like oh my god what i have done, i also felt bit of unconscious while doing this attack, it felt like some higher authority allowed me.

Since that time i also fell down and can’t chant properly, i lost my mental balance as well, like God immediately gave me back fire of this karma

Now that family member still gets ill sometime. I m scared like it can be true or it can be coincidence because the family member literally fell down at the place where i sent the energy, you have seen my horoscope dear sir, i dont know if it is possible in my karma.

Please tell me what kind of punishment i will face in next life. Because the mantra i used while doing this abuse was Hare Krishna Maha mantra

Maybe its all wrong or not true, but it happened on same day few hours after i did it.


Yes, it is possible for a Krishna devotee to curse & transfer negative energy to others.

But, he is not a pure devotee.

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Two reasons:

(i) If you are a pure or true devotee, you will not have a stock of negative vibrations within himself because he is filled with Krishna who is auspicious.

(ii) If you are a pure or true devotee, you will never curse anyone though he does anything against you. Because the devotees act in satva guna only.

So, the act of cursing done by you shows that you have to get more maturity in Krishna Consciousness.

If you continue to do like this again and again, you will lose all the benefits you derived by following devotional sadhanas.

One can get some spiritual powers by following brahmacharya properly and following sadhanas including chanting.

But the purpose of performing such sadhanas is to please Krishna, not to increase your spiritual power.

See, one should not feel proud for having some spiritual powers that they have because every devotee has such spiritual vibrations after they start to chant Hare Krishna.

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Some may have more and some may have less spiritual power depending on their level of sadhanas.

But, even a neophyte devotee will have some spiritual power because of his sadhanas.

Pure devotees may have more spiritual power. They will never curse anyone. So, they never use the negative power and in fact they don’t have negative power.

In your case, you have used the negative vibrations against that relative.

This shows that you have the stock of negative vibrations also.

That is why you have cursed him.

Have you heard Krishna or Sri Caitanya cursing anyone?

They don’t do so because they act on Sudha satva guna that has no trace of negativity.

Humans in general and the devotees in particular are expected to act on satva guna.

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So, you have used your rajo and thamo gunas by cursing your relative.

Since you have stock of negative power also, it has affected him.

This would have added some negative karma for you and you may face some health issues in your next birth.

So, go to him and ask for his forgiveness for having scolded / cursed him.

Get his pardon. This is very important.

Also pray to Krishna to relieve him from his health issues.

Do all possible helps to that relative.

Give some monetary support too for his treatment.

Make his heart cool and pleased.

Thus, you can get relieved from that karma of cursing that relative using your negative power.



Why should the devotees avoid sinful activities and avoid cursing?

Chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra should not be used to get material gains or to affect others.

It is the 7th offense out of 10 offenses against Chanting of Holy Name that states:

“To commit sinful activities on the strength of the holy name.”

It can be the 10th offense also that says:

“To not have complete faith in the chanting of the holy name and to maintain material attachments, even after understanding so many instructions on this matter.”

Yes, only because you have material attachments, you have cursed him.

So, avoid these two offenses against chanting the Holy names and lead a matured and responsible devotee life.

Hope you are clear now whether a Krishna devotee can curse & transfer negative energy to others.


Author: RAJAN

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