Karma in selling male calf & aged cows considering them useless!

Karma in selling the male calf and aged cows considering them useless!

A female devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Dear Rajan Sir, I have been reading your website this two days continuously to divert myself from distractions to keep being engaged to krishna’s service and being in non-vegetarian family especially during pongal festivities really a suffering trying to ignore it even though that smell makes me sick I love it when my mom prepares separately for me without contaminating the vessels.

Coming to the query, just yesterday I had sent one mail and writing another one incase i forgot it in future so please take your own time to address this question. Always feeling gratitude for your service to Krishna. Hare Krishna

Question: My father is a farmer living in Dharmapuri district where people depends on rain for farming and this area is always dry amidst of given rising farming costs, it’s really a loss so most of the farmers depends on cow for dairy living to meet their monthly or weekly expenses. My family takes care of cow for generations from my grandparents till i remember and currently my family has more than 5 cows. Given artificial insemination, value for male cows diminished completely. My family always sell male calf just 2-3 days after it’s born and sells the old cattle when it’s no longer able to regenerate. I had seen my mom & dad takes care of komatha like their own children and my mom cries when calf or cow dies or get sick yet they sell male calf or old cow when it’s no longer needed. I understand their helplessness and many more in kaliyuga who does the same. My query is what are the bad karmas my parents would incur because of their deed in selling male calf or old cow for materialistic desire? I don’t usually feel any empathy to any kinda animals but after Krishna’s consciousness my family doing this things always bothering me yet I’m not in any position to stop their way. Everything has its own cause and effects. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to my parents as a daughter to keep them out of this circle?

Note: Maatu Pongal (Festival to glorify the bulls/ cows) always celebrated grandly in my home or our village and we bathe cows then worship that day, just yesterday we did it too.

Lol it kinda hypocrisy how we celebrate festivity with utmost devotion yet discard the komatha when it’s not needed anymore. (Modern technology advancement made another big sin here). Krishna must be laughing at us 🙂

Hare Krishna. Krishna’s eternal servant”


Severe negative karma is involved in selling the male calf and aged cows considering them useless. It is absolutely wrong and sinful.

This is the best example for selfishness.

For the devotees who live only in the cities since birth, Let me explain what happens in the case of this cattle farming industry.

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We have seen milkmen distributing the milk to houses in all cities.

Parallelly, governments and private agencies, co-op societies too sell milk in packets or bottles.

When I was staying in Patna, Bihar & Cannaught Place, Delhi, for three months when I was working in Dabur India Ltd, I have seen the milkmen bringing their cows directly to the houses and drawing milk in the presence of the customers and selling it.

These milkmen are living in the villages near to the cities. They maintain cows & bulls and sell milk by bringing to the nearby cities and make their living.

Nowadays, the cows are denied of their mating pleasures with bulls because they are artificially insemenized with the injections.

So, a single bull is enough to impregnate hundreds of cows.

So, they sell the bull calf to the meat producers and sellers.

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This is the ugly trend of kaliyuga.

Denying the cows of their pleasures is a cruel and selfish act.

The people do not stop with this.

They draw as much milk they can using sucking pumps that suck milk from thge cow’s nipples till the last drop and sell the milk that makes them earn and make their living..

When the cows become old and unable to give sufficient milk, they sell that cow to the meat producing factories or meat selling traders and again make money.

The cows are like our mothers that feed us milk after our mother’s milk.

Will we kill our mother just because she has become old and unable to work?

We can’t even imagine so.

But, the selfish people kill the old cows after making lots of profits by selling their milk.

No doubt that they will incur serious sins with these activities.

If one benefits from a cow, he has to protect it till it dies by providing shelter and food to that cow.

The buuls too should be maintained by providing shelter and food and they should be used in agriculture and commution actively instead of using tractors.

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It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the nature’s man-animal-birds balance.

Every animal is useful for the people in one way or the other.

For example, even snakes are useful because they reduce the number of rats that spoils the crops in the fields.

If we kill all the snakes, the number of rats will raise to the uncontrollable level.

Insects and birds are also necessary for the nature because they proliferate the seeds everywhere.

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Every animal and bird should be allowed to live happily in this world.

Now, let us analyze the karma involved in these selfish andf cruel acts:

(1) If we deny the mating pleasures of cows as explained above, we will not have sexual potency in our next birth and hence we can’t have mating pleasures.

(2) If we sell the cows or bulls to someone when they become old and the buyer kills it for meat, then, we will take birth as a cow or bull and will be killed in our next birth.

(3) Allowing a cow to be killed is equal to killing his mother. So, he may take birth as a cow or woman and be killed by cow’s owner or woman’s son.

(4) Since the cows are also the residence of Lakshmi and all the Gods, allowing them to be killed will even deny a human birth for many generations.

All such people will be punished in the hells that offer serious punishments.

So, advise your parents to protect the cows and bulls till they die naturally.

Hope you are clear about the Karma in selling the male calf and aged cows considering them useless!

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Author: RAJAN

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