How Humans & Other Living beings were created simultaneously?

How Humans & Other Living beings were created simultaneously?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of ask you these questions.

Can you give me light about these please….

The searcher and scientist have found some fossil of Dinosaur and they have been exposed in some museum. They talk about the Dinosaur period with no human beings.

According to my understanding, Manu and Shatarupa were first sent to earth from the beginning of creation. So I cannot connect this 2 events. How can we understand this?

The Christian talks about Adam for the first human being. Do we know who he is according to veda?

In the same line, do we know who Gabriel Angel and the other angels from the Bible are?

If you post this question on your website, can i please stay anonymous”


As per the Indian Scriptures, Humans & Other Living beings were created simultaneously.

However, other texts say that Adam and Eve, ie, the humans were the first creations by the God.

Though Humans & Other Living beings were created simultaneously, Indian Scriptures explain ten stages of creations.


The first six stages are the elements that constitute living beings.
7th stage, Plants.
8th stage Animals.
9th stage Human beings.
Finally, 10th stage Demigods.

However, as per the Indian Scriptures, the Darwin’s theory too is wrong because, the living beings were not created because of evolution, ie, one evolving as another species.

If Darwin’s theory is acceptable, when monkeys become humans, the monkeys should not exist.

All the animals, birds, worms, microorganisms, etc are existing in large numbers simultaneously.

If Adam and Eve were created first, the lower species like animals, planets etc should have come from humans after the creation of Adam and Eve.
So, some logic issues are there.

So, the versions of the Scriptures of India’s Sanatana Dharma that the Humans & Other Living beings were created simultaneously has more logic.

Let us now read what our important purana Srimad Bhagavatham says:

POINTS (i) to (vi) give the details of the Creation of Ingredients for the actual Creation of living beings:

(i) The first creation is of the Mahat-tattva (by Mahavisnu)
In the first creation the modes of nature mix and give rise to false ego.

(ii) False ego or identification of the body, along with the material ingredients, material knowledge and material activities arise (working senses and knowledge acquiring senses).


(iii) The sense perceptions are created and from these the material elements are generated.

(a) sound – sky
(b) touch – air
(c) sight – fire
(d) taste – water
(e) smell – earth

(iv) The creation of knowledge and working capacity.

(v) The controlling deities become manifest by the interaction of the mode of goodness.

(vi) The sixth creation is the ignorant darkness of the living entity, by which the master acts as a fool.

POINTS (vii) to (x) give the details of the actual Creation of living beings:

(vii) The seventh creation is that of immovable living beings – plants and trees.

(viii) The eight creation brings into existence animal species comprising twenty eight groups.

(ix) The ninth creation gives rise to the human beings which belong to only one species. They are predominantly under the influence of passion. These last three creations as well as the tenth creation are called vaikrta creations and they are different from the previous creations called prakrta. Creation of Kumaras belongs to both.

(x) There is also tenth creation, of demigods, who comprise eight species.

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Now, you may ask, were these Nine stages of Creations formed simultaneously or One by one during the different times.

Same Chapter of Srimad Bhagavatham has explained that also:


This verse explains how material creations came out of Lord Vishnu.

“This cosmic manifestation is separated from the Supreme Lord as material energy by means of kala, which is the unmanifested, impersonal feature of the Lord. It is situated as the objective manifestation of the Lord under the influence of the same material energy of Visnu.”


This verse explains that the present set of all the living beings existed even during the creations and even in future.

“This cosmic manifestation is as it is now, it was the same in the past, and it will continue in the same way in the future.”


This verse explains that according to the different ratios of the mix of three material modes – Rajo, thamo and Satva gunas, different living beings were created SIMULTANEOUSLY, not thru evolution or not in different periods of time.

“There are nine different kinds of creations besides the one which naturally occurs due to the interactions of the modes. There are three kinds of annihilations due to eternal time, the material elements and the quality of one’s work.”

Now, you must be clear that Dinosaurs existed simultaneously when the humans existed.

While creating the human beings thru Brahma – Manu chain, other living beings like birds, animals, etc also existed.

So, the version of others that Dinosaurs existed before the creation of human beings and disappeared when the humans start to exist, is wrong.

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As per the Bible, the angels are the messengers of God.

Some versions state that there are 100 million angels in heaven.

It is also believed that these angels have no gender as they are considered pure spirits.

Some of the prominent angels mentioned in the Bible include Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel (Camael), Raphael, Jophiel, and Zadkiel.

Out of them, the three Arch angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael have three have important roles in the history of salvation.

Out of them, Gabriel Angel had the role of Communication between the God and people.

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Thus, angels are named as per the traditions of different religions.

Most of the religions speak of the messengers of God.

Indian Sanatana dharma too has mentioned many messengers of God.

They are coming in the names of different types of avatars, acharyas, etc.

Hanuman too is a messenger of Lord Rama sent to Sri Lanka.

So, different religions speak about the messengers in different names. That’s all.

Their roles are the same. To communicate the messages of the God to the people and also act on behalf God in giving salvation, elevation, education, etc.

Angels mostly act on behalf of God, as per the instruction of God.

Hope you are clear how Humans & Other Living beings were created simultaneously and also about angels.

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