Can I donate my deities of Krishna to someone? (Four such doubts)

(1)  Can I donate my deities of Krishna and other Puja Materials to someone?

(2) & (3) Is it true that all sins can be forgiven by the Lord? How?  Will Krishna forgive my sexual offenses?

(4) Should we offer meat to the deceased person if he liked meat when he was alive?

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Can I donate my deities of Krishna and other Puja Materials to someone?

Hare Krishna guruji. I am going to get married soon. I have an altar of Krishna. I live alone so there is no one after me to carry on puja and other things. So someone told me that I should do visarjan of idols. My in-laws are also devotee of Krishna. They have exactly the same idol of Radha Krishna that I have right now & height is not more that 15 inch. Apart from idols I have their clothes, jewellery, utensils to serve food and other utensils for worshiping, pot for water. I have some clothes to cover wooden stools that i have placed in from of altar. Is it possible to give these things to someone to use for their altar? There are so many things, I dont know what to do with them. Please advice. Please hide my name.


Actually, you have been emotionally attached with the deities for the past many years and you have treated them everyday with love.

Therefore, it will be very difficult to part them when you get married.

However, since you have asked, let me give the options available:

Before that, a warning:
If you donate the deities that you were worshiping with the manthras for many years, you may lose all the good spiritual benefits you received thru those deities to the person to whom you donate the deities.

So, it is not advisable to donate your deities of Krishna and other Puja Materials to individuals. Instead follow four options.

Four alternative options:

(1) This is the best solution:  Why should you donate your deities of Krishna and other Puja Materials to others?   Take that deity also and the utensils to your new home after marriage.  Keep the deity near the existing deity there.  Nothing wrong in keeping two deities in the puja room.  Offer food in front of the both.  Let both of them have your food and worship everyday.

(Disposing used Puja materials, God Pictures, flowers, Incense sticks, etc! READ HERE!)

(2) The second best solution can be donating to a temple (not the individual) who are following the pujas sincerely.

(3) The third option is:  You may add the deity into the sea water or a river or a pond.  This can be done if no other options were tried but could not be done.

(4) This must be your last option:  If they are Pictures of gods, you can offer them to Agni as Agni swallows and purifies everything given to it.

If possible try the option-1 or 2.

Hope you are now clear about whether to donate your deities of Krishna to someone else.


Is it true that all sins can be forgiven by the Lord? How?

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji I read your counselling regularly and they really help thousands of devotees to make spirituality their priority. My question is I have read that there is no sin in this world that cant be forgiven by advancement in spirituality and a promise not to repeat it in future. Is it true? How to practice sincere devotional practice? I am sinner of sinnest. I know Krishna loves me alot therefore in the toughest yuga of Kaliyuga am one among those fortunate souls who remember Krishna.”


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You will get clear idea about getting relief from the sins of sexual offenses.

Should we offer meat to the deceased person if he liked meat when he was alive?

Hare Krsna Prabhu, I am just a very new devotee and trying my best to follow the teachings of KC. I have something bothering me. Recently my grandmother , who I was very close to passed away. According to the “culture” I come from , my relative insisted that we serve (offer to the dead grandma) what my grandmother used to eat when she was alive.  (my grandmother refrained from eating meat until the last 2 years when she fell sick and the doctor advised to feed her meat).  As I studied a little scriptures, I know this is wrong and i fought with my family to not do it (offering meat 3 days after she passed away), but unfortunately my parents who were supportive of my decision,  gave in due to my relative’s pressure and they wanted no fights.  We were really upset to see the meat served and many people who found out later on came and told us this is not right.   If this is to happen in the future,  how do i stop it and what do I say to people who are insisting on serving the meat to the dead person?


This is superstitious.  The rituals performed after death as per vedic advices are of binding nature.  These rituals are done to make the passage of the soul of the deceased person to the yama’s world smooth and to give him a good status in heavenly planets after death.

Therefore, these vedic rituals do not help us to get elevated to spiritual planets.


If this is the case even for the genuine vedic rituals, what to say about offering meat to the deceased person?

There is no such vedic system of rituals to offer meat to the deceased person if he had very much interest in eating meat when he was alive.

Offering meat will add further sins to the deceased person.  It will not do any good to him.  It is an unauthorized ritual.  Someone would have thought that he should offer something that his deceased relative was fond of when he was alive.  Hence he would have offered so and he would have propogated that.

No need to give any importance for this unauthorized ritual.


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