Why I am facing failures and my marriage is also cancelled today, though I m a devotee of Krishna?

Why I am facing failures and my marriage is also cancelled today, though I m a devotee of Krishna?

A girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare krishna prabhu ji please u have to help me with ur words. Im a devotee of lord krishna.i try my max to always chant his holy name.nd daily i used to read atleast one page of bagvat gita nd nwadays baagavatam too.bt i feel like krishna is not at all showing mercy upon me.im continuously facing failure in everythng..frm my academic matters to even silly things which all my frnds may get nicely. Infact most of my frnds are not much spirutually attachd

And today my marriage alliance got canceld.y it alwys happens to me prabuji Pls answr me.wt shd i do further.i request you to not put ths on page rather kindly message me.if u r putting on page then pls dnt post my name.

Im waiting fr your reply prabhu ji.i alwys pray to krishna without expect anythng.still i dnt know my bagavan is not showng kindness towards me. Y is krishna not making me to pass xams.earn job nd today wen my marge got cancelled i felt ashame nd guilty.y is krishna not saving me frm all these?y dont he like my prayers frown emoticon frown emoticon frown emoticon


I have already said in my past counsellings that Krishna gives only those things that will do only good to His devotees.  In case, the bad aspect is for a certain period only, Krishna allows you to suffer till that period and then offers what you prayed.

For example, let us assume that you have a karma of facing an accident in 3-4 months if you own any vehicle at that time.  But, you are crying to Krishna to facilitate you to buy a car for you.  If you cry to demigods, they may give you without analyzing your pending karma of facing accident in 3-4 months.  So, you may get a car, but, accident will be inevitable.

But, Krishna will not give you car though you cry, till 3-4 months period.  Only after the period of accident is over, Krishna allows you to buy a car so that your accident period has crossed.

Similarly, you may have certain bad time in your marriage for a certain period.  It may be separation or quarrels, delayed child birth, etc.  So, Krishna seems to be waiting for the bad period to go.  He will give you marriage when right time comes that will not affect your marriage life.

For many cases, delayed marriage will do only good to them.  because the severity of their karma will come down and hence they will get a good married life if the marriage is delayed.

And, never compare you with your surroundings.  They might have helped so many people financially in their previous births that have given them a comfortable life in this birth.  You might have been calculative in helping others in your past births and hence you are getting all comforts after delay.

What we give, we get back.  We may be gems in this birth, but, we do not know how we lived in our previous births.  So, accept whatever happens as happening as per our karma and krishna will make us free and comfortable when a right time comes.

One thing is 100% sure.

Krishna’s devotees never falls and they never go waste in life.  They will definitely receive their sufficient honours for their devotional service and practices to Krishna.

If you demand Krishna to do anything in a time frame as fixed by you, it may not be possible, because he has a time frame to help you that will do ONLY good to you.

When I had not realized the value of money and spending patterns, Krishna made me suffer in finance.  When I realized the value of money and when I decided to lead the simplest way of life, Krishna immediately offered some money that made my financial position better.

Thus, Krishna sees change in our hearts and our maturity and trust on Him.

So, be patient and faithful with Krishna and continue your devotional practices.  Everything will happen to you in a wonderful way in a right time.

All the best.

Author: RAJAN

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