Feeling detached after Kumbha Vivaha Parihar Ritual. Tips for a girl!

Feeling detached after Kumbha Vivaha Parihar Ritual. Tips for a girl!

A girl devotee asked like this (Name hidden):

“Sir: 1 year ago i visited an astrologer becoz time was nt supporting me. inspite of hard work i could not get success. the astrologer told me that i had manglik dosha in my horoscope so this was taking place. he said he will do a puja to remove this dosha. in the puja he asked me to exchange my garland with that of Lord Narayana three times. this literally means i m now married to lord Narayan. After about one month of this incident i hv changed a lot. earlier also i used to worship lord krishna bt never showed so much interest like nw. Now i have read gita and mahabharata and always think of him and also feel like not entering a married life and spend my whole life for preaching lord krishna. is there any relation between the two incident?”


I do not know why that astrologer said that mangalya dosha affects your success out of hard work. Let us see the possibilities for feeling detached after Kumbha Vivaha.

Actually, mangalya dosha primarily delays marriage only. It may have no other business.

Of course Mangalya dosha in the 7th house may affect the business/ career / family partnerships also.

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So, he might have suggested Kumbha Vivaha to clear the reasons for your being unable to succeed in efforts because of being unable to cope up with the people..

However, his Parihar for mangalya dosh is ok. Because, if the person has two spouses (or) remarries after the divorce or death of first spouse, usually, the mangalya dosh does not affect the person severely.

That is why, for many persons, if their first marriage fails, their second marriage remains better than the first one.

That is why, that astrologer has performed marriage with the Lord first and also asks you to marry a boy that means your second marriage.

You would have heard an actress married a Hindi actor . As she had some dosh, she was performed marriage with a banana tree and then married that actor. They are now living normally.

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These are all suggested by astrologers. Not wrong. This is to satisfy the planets. That’s all.

So, your astrologer has done right as per the practice followed by astrologers.

However, he could have performed the marriage between you and a banana tree also.

The reason for your being mentaly detached after marriage with the Lord may be because, you have formally become the Lord’s wife.

Lord gives material detachment and attachment with Him only. So, this may happen.

This has a solution.

In fact, Only the Lord is the Purusha and all the Jeevans are females. However, every female and male marry and lead a family life.


Only using this body, we can get the Lord. So, we need to keep this body and mind pure. The marriage may help you to follow physical and mental purity by leading a controled life.

So, Marry a boy considering him as the representative of the Lord. Marrry a devotee boy who is sincerely following Krishna Consciousness Practices.

The husband is also your guru. He is also considered as the representative of Lord as per the Scriptures.

So, marry a devotee boy. Consider him as the representative of the Lord.

If you serve him, it is like serving the Lord.

Everything will be alright.

All the best.


Author: RAJAN

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