Can we become God if we desert material sense related desires?

Can we become God if we desert material sense related desires?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Anna I have one doubt we have soul we are trace of lord on every quality lord has does ds prove if we stop our sense gratification we can become god?? Does lord has made us with some limit or we have made limit for ourselves ?? Sorry if my ques r wrong but I want to clear my doubt n thanks anna for reading ds


This is what mayavadis say:  “You are god….I am god…..all are gods”

This is not perfectly right. Because, we have all the qualities of Lord Krishna, but, in very very very limited quantities. So, we and Krishna are qualitatively SIMILAR, but, quantitatively very different, ie, inferior.

Sun is a big star. Sun rays too have the qualities of sun. But, sun rays can not be equal to sun in QUANTITY, ie, POTENCY. Isn’t it?

Similarly, we too have the qualities of Krishna to some (minute) extent. But, we are not equal to Krishna in quantity, ie, potency.

So, your first question is ruled out. We can not become god.

Many think that we have lost godly qualities/ potency just because we are in material trap. It is not correct.

Of course, if we come out of material attachments, our power may increase to some extent. Eg: Some gosvamis, paramahansas, rishis who are pure have more power. However, it is not up to the level equal to the power of Krishna. It can not happen.

So, the result is: If we desert material attachments, we may become pure and more powerful. And, we can go to Krishna and live with Him and serve Him. But, we can never become equal to Krishna.

We can enter Krishna’s kingdom only with the mindset as a servant of Krishna, not with the “equality” mindset with Krishna.

We have not limited ourselves. All jeevatmas are limited in capacity until they are trapped into the material planets. If these jeevathmas become pure from material attchments, then, they get some more capacity that will take them to God, ie, Krishna.

There, they will be serving the Lord. So, we are always naturally limited in capacity wherever we are.

Even in Krishna’s kingdom, we have limited freedom of serving, not becoming a superpower. It can not be.

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