What is Brahma Muhurtha time? How to wake up in Brahma Muhurtha?

What is Brahma Muhurtha time? How to wake up in Brahma Muhurtha?

“A male devotee (Name hidden)” asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu,      PAMHO    All glories to Srila Prabhupad.     All glories to your service.

Prabhu can you please elaborate on waking up early. What helps you, I really struggle even after putting alarm clocks I sleep through them.

Kindly reply to this message as well when you can as I don’t check FB very often.

Your Servant,     Raman Gupta”


It is recommended by acharyas and scriptures that one should wake up and perform spritual saadhanas in the brahma Muhurtha time.

What is the brahma Muhurtha time?

In general it is said as between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m.

But, this is just a rough saying.

Brahma Muhurtha changes every day.

There are 30 muhurthas in a day of 24 hrs (Sun rise to sun rise and it changes every day).

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One muhurtha is 48 minutes.

Brahma muhurtha means the period that starts two muhurthas before sun rise and ends 48 minutes before sun rise.

Since the sun rise slightly varies every day, Brahma Muhurtha also varies every day.

Let us take an example:

Take a day in which the sun rises at 6 AM.

That day, the Brahma Muhurtha starts 48×2=96 minutes before 6AM, ie, 1 hour 36 minutes before sun rise, ie, 04.24 AM.

It ends 48 minutes before sun rise, ie, at 05.12 AM..

So, on that day, the Brahma Muhurtha falls between 04.24 to 05.12 AM

To calculate every day may be difficult.

So, it is good to have a rough period.

Since, the sun rise happens between 05.40 and 6.10 AM every day most of the days, it is recommended to keep 04.00 AM to 05.20 AM as the rough period of Brahma Muhurtha.

So, it is recommended to wake up at or before 4.00 AM and perform devotional practices before 05.20..

4 to 5.20 AM can be a rough consideration.

5.20 can even extend upto sun rise. Not bad.  Because chanting 16 rounds may take more than 90 minutes.

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Why Brahma Muhurtha time is recommended for devotees?

It is the best time for any meditation and Japa. The mind is fresh and calm without agitations. The mind will be dominated with satva guna during this  time.

During Brahma Muhurtha, the Gods/ devas come round the earth and even Trimurtis start to watch the activities of the people on earth. If you are seen chanting during that time, they become satisfied and bless you directly.

During this period, your concentration will be better as you will be free from unwanted thoughts.

There is a saying:

Those who take bath between 4-5.30 AM is a Yogi; Those who take bath between sun rise and 8 AM is a Bhogi; and those who take bath between 8AM and 11AM are Roghi (Patients).

So, for us, the devotees, it is good to wake up and bath between 4 and 5.20 AM.

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It is not hard to wake up at 4 AM, IF YOU GO TO BED BEFORE 10 PM.  A normal adult needs just 6 hours of sound sleep at nights (6 hrs should be calculated from the time we start sleeping, not the time of going to bed).

So, if you like to make your spiritual saadhanas more effective than now, wake up, bath and chant in Brahma Muhurtha.  Then, brush, wash your face and start chanting.

So, have a determination.  Go to the bed early.  Then, it will be easy for you to wake up earlier.

I have made many trials in this matter. Since I was going to bed only after 11.30 PM, I found waking up at 4 am very difficult and I felt sleepy throughout the day. After that, I forcibly regulated myself to go to bed at 10.30 PM. Now, I feel better when I wake up earlier. If I make my time of going to bed as 10 PM in future, I may feel still comfortable to wake up.

Hope this helps.

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