Ayodhya Ram Lalla’s Lila – Story

Ayodhya Ram Lalla’s Lila – Story

(Introduction of the persons involved in this Story:

Mr. Vembu is the father of Mr. Sridhar Vembu.  Sridhar Vembu is an Indian billionaire business magnate and the founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation. According to Forbes, he is the 55th richest person in India with a net worth of $3.75 billion, as of 2021. He was awarded India’s fourth highest civilian award, the Padma Shri, in 2021.)

This incident has been narrated by Mr.Vembu, father of Mr.Sridhar Vembu:

My son Sridhar Vembu, one of the invitees to the Prana Predhista of Ram Laala at Ayodhya on 22nd January, attended with his mother (my wife Janaki) another son Kumar Vembu and my daughter-in-law Anupama.

Soon after Prana Predishta of Lord Rama Lalla was over, the gates were open for Dharshan of newly consecrated Ram Laala.

My wife Janaki (aged 79) and son Sridhar tried to enter into the sanctum sanctorum through the doorway where there were unregulated mad rush of unprecedented crowd of people.

In the melee, my wife lost her hand bag with cash of Rs.63,550, Aadhar card and other items in it.

My son Sridhar persuaded her not to venture to enter into, but she was adamant that she should leave only after Darshan of the Lord, with a determination and devotion, whatever may happen to her and braved the mad crowd .

She then sought the help of a young Hindi speaking security guard, a language not known to her, and he out of respect to her age, assisted to take her to diety Ram Laala and she had a exquisite, heart contented dharshan of Lord.

She never bothered the loss of her bag in the bargain but reconciled herself that it is the will of Ram Laala.

But, what a miracle turn of events?

It turned out that the hand bag of my wife landed into the bag of a Swamiji, none other than Gyan Premanandji Maharaj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Swamiji, upon realising the fact, opend up and found the currency and Aadhar card, noted down the name and phone number, and promptly handed over the bag to UP police.

The Tamilnadu RSS volunteers with the help of local volunteers took pains to contact the police and arranged for the safe return of handbag intact through an Audtior friend.

Swamiji desperately contacted my wife over phone to ascertain if she got it back from police.

At a time when my sons and wife gave up hope and almost reconciled for the loss , miraculously she got the news that it was in the safe hands of UP police through a revered Swamiji.

It is the very first act of Ram Laala grace to his ardent devotee soon after the Prana Pradishta enacted in His sanctum sanctorum. We are really touched by His grace and His leelai to rescue His devotees is beyond one’s imagination.

I profusely record my thanks to the revered Swamiji, RSS Volunteers from Tamilnadu and UP and the UP police force and their coordinated efforts in retrieving and safe handing over the cash with the bag to the rightful owner.

Ram Rajyam in Kaliyuga started in Ayodhya.

Jai Sriram.

This Ayodhya Ram Lalla’s Lila on the inaugural day itself is very cool and thrilling. Isn’t it?

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Author: RAJAN

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